Investment Opportunity

Glimpse is offering an unprecedented investment opportunity as food and beverage operators across the country continue to invest in technology. As increased technology adoption improves customer service, decreases customer wait time, and reduces operational waste, this opportunity presents tremendous profit potential for not only Glimpse, but for their customers.  

An estimated 10% to 15% of the $750 billion food and beverage sales nationwide are lost through unaccounted sales, employees not following standard operating procedures, customer dissatisfaction, and outright theft. Glimpse is a video imaging company that operates in the food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry, providing data analysis solutions by using proprietary digital imaging software. Quantitative and qualitative video auditing measurements in restaurants, bars and other establishments that utilize a point of sale system, help businesses identify non-compliant areas in standard service operating procedures, sales, processes, customer service interactions and point of sale system transactions. These ‘At-Risk’ areas often pose a great threat to the profit margin of a restaurant or bar, which can be the defining difference between success and failure in the food and beverage service industry. Glimpse provides detailed reports accompanied by timestamped digital images, that when acted upon by management, can significantly help control costs and capture all revenue, which ultimately increases the chances of success for that restaurant or bar.

With zero training required and no disruption to the daily operations of clients’ businesses, Glimpse analyzes the captured images remotely from the Cloud, which are filtered to the most critical 20%, and matches these images to audited sales from the point of sale transactions. Clients of Glimpse have seen their ‘At-Risk’ percentages drop 15-20% upon system implementation and have experienced drastic improvements to their profits.

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