May 29, 2018 glimpse_team

Automation is the Future for Your Restaurant or Bar

In order for a business to survive in any industry today, the ability to adapt and change with emerging trends is absolutely essential.

More and more industries are turning towards technology to help reach more consumers, make their products or services easier to use or to help improve restaurant operations. You’ve probably seen the headlines that fast food restaurants are starting to test out automated ordering kiosks or robots in the kitchen, while your restaurant may not necessarily need burger-flipping robots, but you could probably stand to benefit from automating some aspects of your operations.

Here are some of the new emerging technologies and systems that are helping transform the bar and restaurant industry.

Efficiency is key in any business, especially a restaurant.

Now is the time to consider adding restaurant automation systems to your operations.

In the Bar/ Restaurant Waiter Takes Order From a Diverse Group of Friends. Beautiful People Drink Wine and Have Good Time in this Stylish Place.

Table Ordering

Finding reliable and motivated employees and server turnover rates can be a challenge even to successful restaurants. Table ordering kiosks, usually on tablets, can help speed up the turn times of tables, take stress off of busy servers and increase order accuracy. Depending on the atmosphere of your restaurant, table ordering might be the automated system to help solve some inefficiencies.

Mobile Ordering

As our lives continue to become busier and busier, we are always on the run and racing the clock. Mobile ordering apps offer a convenient solution for your customers that need to grab and go but still want to enjoy your delicious food. Long wait times and slow kitchen service can ruin a patron’s experience at your restaurant.


Just like grocery stores have started implementing self-checkout stations, restaurants are slowly following suit. Often times found on the same table ordering kiosks, allowing customers the option to check out when they are ready can help speed up service and take some stress off of your servers. Nothing is worse than trying to flag down a server that is overwhelmed to get the check, especially when you are in a hurry.

Delivery Drones

While this may seem like an idea out of a science fiction movie but drones have started making their way into the restaurant industry. The idea comes from a few thoughts to help make a restaurants operations more efficient like:

  • Faster delivery speed
  • Save space (utilizes the space between heads and the ceiling)
  • Adapts to restaurants unique layout
  • Fully autonomous
  • Safe, reliable and efficient
  • Cheaper in the long run than labor

Bionic Bartenders

If you’ve been on a cruise recently, you may have seen one of their famous bionic bartenders. Implemented to add a special flare, not so much to replace the bartender, these robotic bartenders are meant to “wow” and put on a show. However, it doesn’t seem too far out of the question that robots may be a recent future addition to bars across the country.

Point of Sales Systems

Your point of sales system should have been one of the first automated systems but if not, having a reliable POS system in place can make running a restaurant much smoother. You will have a clear picture of your sales, food inventory, employee work hours and daily operations. Analyzing this data will provide valuable insight into how to better manage and run a restaurant.

Finally, restaurant automation systems can also take over a lot of the burden with regards to your POS and employee monitoring. Being an owner or manager requires a large deal of focus on a multitude of tasks and operations. Being able to identify the weak or risky areas of your standard operating procedures or employee behavior is crucial for surviving in the bar industry.

Here at Glimpse, we provide an outsourced video analytics services that focus on identifying areas within the operations that can potentially be costing you money. Utilizing your pre-existing POS system and digital imaging software, we develop audited reports accompanied by time-stamped images that identify the areas of risk.

When you decide to incorporate Glimpse’s services into your business plan, the results will be significant. By correcting the high-risk areas, revenue will increase, and costs will be reduced. To learn more about how Glimpse can make and save your restaurant and bar money, visit