April 6, 2017 glimpse_team

How Video Auditing Works to Improve Your Restaurant and Bar

Capturing all potential revenue and eliminating unnecessary costs are the basics of running a successful business. Whatever industry you are operating in, there may be several high-risk areas throughout the daily operations that can be hindering your success. In the restaurant and bar industry, these high-risk areas can include standard service operating procedures, sales, processes, customer service interactions and POS system transactions. Since no manager or owner can oversee every employee during each shift, Glimpse provides video auditing analysis for identifying those high-risk areas that are impacting your profit margin.

How can Video Auditing Help Me?

Video auditing in the bar and restaurant industry helps improve employee behavior and identifies unaccounted sales, inconsistent customer service, inventory management and other errors in operational procedures that ultimately cost your business money. The way that video auditing works is that Glimpse will create reports based on either random or client-scheduled audit on a weekly basis that utilizes the video images from cameras placed in the workplace. These reports are synced with the existing POS system for inventory management and transaction history. These reports include time-stamped images to verify the high-risk areas or employees that are being monitored. Monitoring employees in the workplace is perhaps the best way to influence and improve the behavior of your staff.

Video Auditing by Glimpse

Glimpse focuses on reducing costs, increasing revenue, boosting productivity and identifying best performing or less accomplished employees. There is no training required, and the audits are done remotely and randomly so that there is no interruption to the daily operation of your business. When using video auditing analysis, your employees quickly learn that the cameras are being used to help determine their level of performance. To learn more about how Glimpse can improve the success of your restaurant/bar, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/video-auditing/.

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