February 8, 2017 glimpse_team

Optimize Your POS System

Many restaurant owners may believe that a point of sales system is only helpful for accepting payments from customers. However, an effective point of sales system can help efficiently manage inventory, track employee performance and much more. A restaurant POS can be a wealth of information and a variety of aspects can be tracked like marketing efforts, employees, inventory, and customers. Owners can optimize their POS systems for restaurants with ease now and increase efficiency, profitability and customer service.

When running a restaurant, the opportunities for lost revenue and increased costs happen all the time. Being able to identify high-risk aspects of operation like missed sales, slow customer service, food/beverage loss and outright theft is crucial for running a successful restaurant. When there is such a fine line between success and failure, it is important for owners to take advantage of the available tools, resources, and services to increase their restaurant’s success.

Glimpse provides video analysis for restaurants and bars with irrefutable ‘at risk’ reports to help improve employee behavior, work process efficiency and the ability to maximize the POS system to capture all potential revenue. Glimpse generates reports that identify areas of lost revenue or risk and provides clients with reports that include time-stamped images that match up to POS records. By integrating this video analysis system, owners and managers are now able to not only identify operation areas at risk but implement corrective measures to improve efficiency and profitability. Glimpse provides owners the ability to optimize their existing POS system with the seamless integration of video analysis services. To schedule a demo or learn more about the benefits of utilizing video analysis in your restaurant or bar today, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/contact/.

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