June 29, 2017 glimpse_team

Secret to Hiring Successful Bar & Restaurant Employees

How to run a successful bar or restaurant ultimately comes down to the food/drinks that you offer and the customer service that you provide for your customers. The food and beverage industry is all about service and customers come for the food but come back because of the service. Exceptional service can overcome a variety of obstacles or challenges that happen regularly in a restaurant or bar and has the greatest potential for influencing customers to come back. The first step in being able to provide outstanding service for your customers is hiring the right staff members.

Owning and managing a restaurant or bar is like being a coach of a sports team. Ensuring that each member knows their role, buys into the goals of the restaurant and truly cares about providing a memorable experience can be extremely difficult to find. The hiring process always seems to be the most daunting task for any manager or owner because of the difficulty to find quality candidates.  There are a few specifics to look for when interviewing that can expand the pool of potential employees and make your restaurant successful.

Here are a few of the top hiring tips that can help you identify the best candidates in the hiring process to become future staff members.

Attitude Trumps Experience

While it can be easy to just look for years of specific or related experience when hiring for your bar or restaurant, one of the most underutilized factors is hiring for attitude instead. Finding the best potential staff members that have the right attitude that is needed to not only learn but to succeed in the food and beverage industry is key. Skills can be learned, but the right attitude is something that a candidate has or doesn’t. The saying, “people don’t change” can be applied to this hiring practice because attitude can be faked but it’s hard to change.

Skills Can be Taught

All the necessary skills to working in the restaurant can be taught and learned quickly, aside from the chef’s position. Don’t just hire for skill because you overlook who they are as a person, their attitude, and their potential. Bartending skills and serving skills are all easily acquired, especially with the proper training. Eagerness to learn can be more beneficial in the long run than a candidate that has all the skills up front.

Leadership is Key

Each member of your staff will play an essential role on the team and for each shift to run smoothly requires a level of leadership at each position. Express that you are looking for staff members that wish to take on leadership roles and responsibility. While running a restaurant or bar requires oversight and management, having a team of independent leaders can make operations exponentially easier.

Creative Compensation and Benefits

Attracting the right candidates to your job openings can be a challenge in the hiring process. One of the best ways to draw in quality candidates is by offering a creative compensation and benefits structure for your employees. While it may not always be possible to pay more than your competition, you can set yourself apart by taking care of your employees with benefits, unique compensation, and rewards.

While these few measures can help increase the quality of employees that you hire, there will always be a need to monitor the daily operations of your bar or restaurant. Glimpse utilizes their proprietary performance insight software to provide restaurants and bars with valuable feedback regarding areas of high risk such as unaccounted sales, standard operating procedures, customer dissatisfaction and even theft. By utilizing the existing cameras and digital video, Glimpse analyzes the captured video that has been sent to the Cloud and provides management with detailed, audited reports that match images with their corresponding POS transactions.

To learn more about the employee monitoring services that Glimpse offers, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/video-auditing/ and schedule your free demo today.

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