January 23, 2017 glimpse_team

Soft Management in the Food & Beverage Hospitality Industry

Have you ever wondered what exactly is soft management and is there the so colled “hard management”? Glimpse Corp considers this distinction and integrates it into our processes. Hard management refers to making plans, forming structures, and monitors performance. Soft management is the people-friendly management based on emotions. This is why soft management is important in hospitality industry as it revolves around soft skills like positive work ethic, friendly personality, being efficient under pressure and good communication.

Management Processes

The very name of our company defines how we approach the management of processes. Our approach is to minimize the manager’s hassle time and frustration with even more data than they already need to deal with. With Glimpse, manager’s literally glimpse at our dashboard reports and instantly know if there is an issue worth looking into. Our reports are statistical results of human analytics tagging video of sales transactions. Rather than overload management with data, our reports are one click away to view the audited image of a sales transaction that was not tendered on the POS within procedural rules. One glimpse…now that’s fast and soft management.

How Glimpse Incorporates Soft Management

Our soft management philosophy stretches even further. We realize that hospitality employees and management are really one big family and that the synergy and energy exuded by the team when a customer enters or interacts is of utmost importance. To keep the team spirits high and to help avoid stress between managers and employees our goal is to highlight and reward the best employees with clear grading of their stellar performance. Of course poor performing employees and even more so the really bad apples, quickly realize their need to improve.