April 20, 2017 glimpse_team

Tips for Influencing Employee Behavior

Running a business can be challenging for even the most experienced managers and owners because the operation of a business is constantly changing and evolving; especially in the restaurant and bar industry. When it comes to the restaurant industry, the service that your employees provide is perhaps the most important aspect aside from the food and/or drinks that you provide. Bad service can ruin even the most exquisite of meals, and great service can turn decent food into a wonderful dining experience. Managers and owners alike are always trying to find a way to monitor and motivate the behavior of their employees to help ensure the best possible experience for their diners.

Here are some of the best ways to help influence the behavior of your serving staff.

Contests– sales is at the heart of the restaurant/bar industry and there perhaps is no better way to influence the behavior of your staff members than by implementing contests that everyone has a chance to excel at. Whether you choose to use daily, weekly or monthly contests to increase excitement about working, everyone loves to be rewarded for great work.

Lead by Example– just because you are the owner or manager doesn’t mean that you can’t lead your staff by example. Show them that you are not “above their level” by performing tasks to help. Connecting with your employees and leading by example can be a great way to drive productivity and inspire them to work for the common goal.

Set Clear Goals– by establishing clear, attainable goals, your staff can track progress and their contribution to the team. Just like competitions, goals and expressing the mission of the restaurant are great tools for motivation. Your staff will take pride in knowing exactly how they are contributing to achieving such goals because it gives what they do meaning and purpose aside from “just serving.”

Monitoring– utilizing a video analysis program can be an extremely effective tool for monitoring and influencing employee behavior. Glimpse is an outsourced data and video analysis company that provides audited reports with images of standard service procedures, sales, customer service interactions and restaurant/bar POS software system transactions. By identifying the high-risk areas of operations in your restaurant/bar (employee behavior) can help capture all potential revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs, which can make or break any restaurant.

To learn more about Glimpse and how to monitor employees for success, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/video-auditing/.   

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