January 24, 2017 glimpse_team

Successful Restaurants and Bars Need Optimal Food and Beverage Processes

The process is the essence of every effort on how to run a successful bar or restaurant. Without a proper process, the chef and cook would not produce consistently high-quality food, fast food systems would run into inventory and customer gridlock. If the bartender doesn’t mix the cocktail in the proper order with the proper ingredients at the proper temperature then the drink will not be the same for each customer, the drink won’t even taste the same or look the same. Optimizing your process if the overriding path towards success.

Measurements and Data Analysis

Glimpse Corp measure sales and service processes. Without measurement, you cannot get statistically meaningful data that leads to meaningful and valuable reports and information for management. With us, you can receive data analysis reports of your food and beverage processes and service and learn how to run a successful restaurant. The reports offer actionable advice you can implement into your daily operations.

Hospitality Industry and Expectations

The hospitality industry generally expects waiters, waitresses, bartenders and bartendresses to ring up their sales within a few minutes. That is the service and accountability process that leads to corporate success. Smaller and medium sized businesses whether a bar, fine dining establishment or ice cream parlor may want to have processes, the owner’s may be educated in good business practices and they know they need to implement processes to grow, to succeed or just to go to the movies. There are a lot of factors you need to ask yourself when determining how to run a successful restaurant or bar. You need to decide which ones are make-or-break for your business.

Glimpse into the Future of a Successful Restaurant or Bar

Glimpse Corp offers process measurement, statistical analysis and clear concise actionable reports that support a businesses’ need to implement, track, apply and enforce good processes.

Visit our website, learn how and what we do and your business will generate more profits, improved customer service will generate more sales and your best employees will be commended and lead your teams to help improve the bottom line and their tips. You can always contact us directly and learn more about our bar and restaurant consulting services.