In the world of restaurant consulting, getting the best advice possible is crucial for any serious business. Whether you need a restaurant management software or a management consultant, you’ll always want the best options – Get in touch with Glimpse, a top restaurant consulting firm, to find out more!

Increase Revenue

Our video analysis software shows you where the highest risk of lost revenue is and that’s not all! Our restaurant management software offers unparalleled improvements. Reports click through to the audited images of sales that are at risk, cataloged by category and time.

Prevent Loss

By auditing your restaurant beverage sales through video we monitor all transactions with no disruption to operations. Our restaurant consulting are backed up by indisputable reports that highlight areas of risk.

Boost Productivity

Our video auditing solution doesn’t require training, therefore managers are free to focus on other tasks. Our analysis shows who your hardest-working employees are and offers an opportunity to help improve those less accomplished. Call us to find out more about our restaurant management services.

Recognize Your Best Employees

Our restaurant consulting services and video image audits result in verifiable testimony for rewarding your best employees while providing a great learning tool for those in need of further training. There’s really no better approach but with our restaurant management software.

Enable Improvement

By randomly scheduling the auditing of your restaurant employees transactions and POS system we create a self-healing platform. Employees will quickly be aware that cameras are being used to determine and improve their performance.

Business Processes

Every business has a different profile, approach, and aim. This also applies to restaurants. Every restaurant is different, so discussing your particular needs is vital. This will not only make your job easier, but it will satisfy your customers as well. And a satisfied customer is the best business strategy!

Plans & Pricing

Our services are designed to exceed your expectations. Experience a 10% to 40% decline in sales at risk,
increased bottom line results and an ROI greater than 5x


Best for single unit operations
  • - Up to 10 audits per month
    - Random scheduling of audits
    - All Hardware & Installation included
    - 2 User access
    - Push notifications
    - Complete monthly analysis
    - $0 Upfront costs


Best for single unit larger operations
  • - All Business plan features plus
    - Manager Approved scheduling of audits
    - Unlimited User access
    - Personalized dashboard
    - Mobile access
    - Weekly progress review
    - $0 Upfront costs


Best for multiple
hospitality groups
  • - All Professional level features plus
    - 4 additional scheduled audits
    - 4 Employee specific audits
    - Custom integration
    - Premium support
    - Private Team Training sessions
    - $0 Upfront costs


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