January 3, 2017 glimpse_team

How to Increase Bar Revenue and Reduce Management Workload

Running a bar can be a difficult job to handle, running a successful bar next to impossible if a proper system for management is not in place. Everything from trying to increase bar revenue, reducing liquid wastes, employee performance, and customer service and so much more can be a lot to manage, evaluate and improve upon. Increasing bar revenue and reducing management workload do not go hand in hand until now. With Glimpse, a human video analytics company, you get detailed reports that indicate the highest risks of lost revenue and ways to cut costs, all while reducing management workload.

How to Increase Bar Revenue

When operating a bar, the biggest concern for lost revenue or managing costs is beverage control. If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. The required investment in liquid assets that are needed to run a successful bar are significant. Recouping that investment is only done through beverage sales. With Glimpse, human error that often occurs in the bar and restaurant scene can be documented and corrected through audited images of sales captured through surveillance technology.

Identify and Monitor

By identifying and monitoring at risk processes within the operations of your bar, you will be able to capture all the revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs that your bar has been incurring. Choosing to use the services provided by Glimpse requires no extra burden on the staff of management to implement. No training or maintenance is required because the image reports provided show everything that needs to be corrected.

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