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Easy Tips to Improve Your Bar Management Skills

The bar industry has changed significantly just over the past few years, not to mention decades. What skills were necessary for the past aren’t necessarily the same ones needed in today’s market. To be a successful and efficient bar manager, there is a broad bar management skills must-know list that you should master and become completely comfortable with. In the bar industry where the profit margins can be minuscule, each decision toes the line between success and failure. The competition involved in the market today continues to grow and demands that bar managers are always learning and adapting.

Here are some of the top tips on how to run a successful bar:

Bar Management Needs to Know The Market

Knowing the bar industry is essential to bar management but knowing and truly understanding the market you are in is the key to success. You should know the type of clientele you are trying to draw, the competition and the direction that you want your bar to go in. Sure, there are plenty of industry trends that influence bars, but those are on a larger scale than the specific market you are in. The competitive landscape is ruthless so don’t overlook the bar down the road.

Hiring: Attitude Trumps Skill

When building your team or looking to add to it, instead of hiring the candidates with the most skill/experience, look for the ones with the right attitude. This is one of the important bar management skills. It is easy to teach the necessary skills to staff members that have the right attitude but trying to change someone’s attitude is a waste of time. Look for candidates that strive to learn, that understand the teamwork mentality and have a great personality, and you will build a team that is set up for success.

Offer More than just Drinks

Of course, the main purpose of a bar is to serve customers that are looking for drinks, but have you considered that customers can get those drinks anywhere? The aspect of your bar that will set it apart from your competition is the atmosphere that you provide your customers. Everything from the décor to your bartenders influences the experience that customers have while drinking at your bar. These aspects depend on knowing your market and type of clientele. Give your customers an experience that they will come back for and become loyal patrons.

Regulations and Procedures

While this may seem like an obvious aspect of bar management, there are countless stories about new changes to policies, laws, and regulations that were neglected or unknown that can cripple or close an establishment. It is always a good idea to consistently check in and stay up-to-date on all the required formalities.

Lead by Example

The best piece of advice that anyone in a management role can receive is to lead by example. Your position of authority and leadership puts you in the spotlight and to earn the respect of your team; you should practice what you preach. Get your hands dirty, do the little jobs and show your team that you are willing to do the work as well. You will not only gain the respect of your staff, but they will buy into the team mentality, which is key to the success of the bar.

Incorporate Technology

Just a handful of years ago, the idea of incorporating technology into the operation of a bar would’ve seemed a bit unnecessary. However, thanks to the technological advancements that have been brought about by innovation, there are several ways to incorporate technology that can be extremely beneficial. Glimpse provides a technical solution for bar managers looking to maximize their profits and eliminate unnecessary costs. By utilizing your bar’s digital imaging footage and POS system, Glimpse delivers audited reports that identify areas of financial high-risk like errors in standard operating procedures and transaction accountability. In an industry where the margin for success is often small, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity, and Glimpse’s services have proven to increase profit margins. To learn more about the bar software solutions that Glimpse can provide for your bar or to schedule a demo, visit

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