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10 Tips for Becoming A Better Bar Manager

Bar management is no easy task. With so many things occurring at the same time, keeping the bar running smoothly and customers satisfied is a honed skill. As with other managerial positions, it requires surrounding yourself with the right people, essential resources and acquiring tips and tricks to help the daily operations. Below are ten pieces of advice that may just help you take your bar to new heights and leave customers more satisfied than ever.

Here’s how to run a successful bar:

  1. Know Your Competition

It is crucial to understand the area and competition that your bar has. Understanding what other bars offer and what you could do to steer customers to your establishment is often not the main focus. This is not to say that if you do something different to your local competitor, your business will thrive because knowledge of the bar industry, in general, is vital. Identify what’s missing in your local area or industry and do it, this will give you an edge over your competition. It can also entice a customer base you were previously ignoring.

  1. Attitude is Important

Expert barman is spraying on cocktail at night club

The experiences your customers have with your employees are what will they will remember. Poor service and disgruntled employees trump even the best cocktail in the world. Be careful when selecting employees that will represent your business. Skills can be taught and learned, and even the best employees have off days, but an employee that is regularly driving away customers is detrimental to a successful bar.

  1. Invest in a POS

The one aspect of your bar that should never be neglected is the POS system. It is the lifeblood of the bar. All transactions, inventory tracking, and other points of data entry that bar consulting companies can analyze are gathered by your POS system. Investing in a new system will increase efficiency and is one of the most important bar management tips.

  1. Love What You Do

Handsome bartender in apron is examining pitcher of beer while standing in brew house

Running a bar is difficult, as you may already know. Manage a bar because you want to manage a bar. The benefits of showing your confidence, passion and personality will shine in every area. Customers notice and employees will follow by example, and the business itself will benefit.

  1. Mingle

What some bar managers forget is that it is acceptable, and even welcomed, to mingle with guests. A customer’s evening can be made, or salvaged if necessary, by a manager asking how they are doing and if they need anything. Keeping the food and drinks on time and up to the bar’s standards are the most important task.

  1. Offer More Than Just Drinks

All bars offer drinks. Yes, some offer more fancy cocktails while others stick to craft beer, but many popular bars give patrons other things. Whether it is trivia, karaoke or music, find out what the people want. Incentive them to return and you will grow your base of regulars as well as attract new customers.

  1. Cleanliness is Key

Serious young barman wiping bar counter

This may sound like common sense, but a clean bar is critical. The vast majority of potential patrons consider the cleanliness of a bar first when deciding on where to go. Remove or clean anything that is sticky, keep tables bussed, and create a checklist for both closing and opening. Forming habits that keep your bar clean is a great way to keep customers happy.

  1. Create Relationships

Foster relationships with regulars or even customers that may become regulars. Encourage your employees to interact with patrons, learn names and add that personal touch that other places may lack.

  1. Change Things Up

Allocate funds to trying new things out. Whether it is adding a specific drink or altering the décor, don’t be afraid to shake things up. Don’t change the core of the bar, but small changes can make big impacts.

  1. Certifications

The daily operations are distracting and time-consuming but don’t forget about the legal side of the business. Stay up to date on certifications, licenses, and health and safety laws. One slip up in this area, and it will not matter how great your beer selection is.

These tips will hopefully help you operate your bar at peak performance. If you find yourself looking for further suggestions, contact Glimpse today to bring a bar consulting business into your team. We analyze and provide reports on employees and business operations to find points of vulnerability and increase profitability.

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