March 13, 2018 glimpse_team

Marketing Tips to Revitalize Your Bar

It has never been easier to reach new and old customers but it has also become increasingly more difficult to keep your customers engaged and loyal. This goes for any business but especially in the bar and restaurant industry. The competition is ruthless and there is such a fine line between success and failure that every step of your business plan must be near flawless. New bars and restaurants pop up all the time and even more close their doors. Finding new ways to compete with competitors to get customers through your doors is absolutely crucial for surviving in this harsh business climate.

When was the last time you evaluated your bar’s marketing strategy?

Hopefully, it happens on a regular basis because the atmosphere is always changing. Besides the service and products you offer, one of the major keys to success is reaching customers and getting them through your doors.

Here are some bar marketing ideas and strategies that you can employ for your bar to help increase your success.

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Before embarking on a glorious new marketing campaign for your bar, you should first take a step back and truly identify who your patrons are. Understanding the type of people that your bar attracts and what type of people you’d like to start attracting is key to developing your marketing approach. No, you don’t need to hire a consulting firm to discover the types of customers you have or should have, all you need to do is spend a few nights observing and listening.


Gone are the days of snail mail flyers and old-fashioned marketing. Today, technology and social media are King. You’d be hard-pressed to find a potential customer of yours that doesn’t own a smartphone or utilize the internet on a daily basis. Getting your bar’s name out to your audience has never been easier. Google, Facebook, Instagram and so many other social media and internet platforms allow businesses to customize their targets for their marketing campaigns. With various cost structures and features, you can easily create a customized marketing campaign for your bar that will drive customers in your doors and won’t break the bank.

Focus on Your Goals

Second to knowing your clientele, having clear, defined goals of what you are trying to accomplish is extremely important. Some examples of general goals that can be accomplished with marketing campaigns are:

  • Increasing popularity with a certain demographic group, like young professionals.
  • Rebranding.
  • Topping what your competitors are doing.
  • Pushing certain food or drink items.
  • Holidays, milestones and other events for your bar.
  • Generating interest in happy hour or special times to eliminate slow hours of the day.
  • Introducing new drinks, entertainment or food to your customers.

The more focused that your marketing plan is, the better results you will see. Be specific when the time calls for it because there definitely is a time and place for general marketing.

Good Reviews are Good, Bad Reviews are Better

Yelp, Google, and other review sites can and will play a dominant role in the success of your bar. More and more people will turn to peer reviews of establishments before venturing out and finding a new bar. Who doesn’t love to hear positive feedback about how great things were and how much they loved it? While the good reviews help, addressing and utilizing the negative ones will provide your bar with much better results. Poor service, unfriendly atmosphere or any number of other things that could be subpar can and will find their way to the front of the public eye through online reviews.

Soon your bar will be hopping with patrons enjoying themselves and success can be traced back to your brand-new bar marketing strategies. With success comes responsibility that you have to provide great service and products to your customers. However, there are always challenges that bar owners and managers will face when it comes to providing for their customers. Glimpse helps alleviate some of those challenges of operations that can be the deciding factor in success or failure. By monitoring POS transactions and standard operating procedures of your bar employees, Glimpse will identify areas of high-risk with digital images and audited reports that allow management to correct.

With Glimpse, your bar will capture more revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs, which will lead to success. To learn more and to schedule a demo today, visit