March 22, 2018 glimpse_team

Positive Customer Experience in a Bar

Your employees are the face of the business. They are the people who interact with your customers, provide them with what you have to offer, and see to it that they come back again. A great evening among friends can quickly turn sour with poor service or rude interactions with employees.

What do you think good customer service is?

Here are some of the most important highlights that your bar employees should follow:

  • Every employee should greet every customer with a smile. A warm and sincere welcome can make or break a customer’s experience. Starting off positively goes a long way.
  • If a bartender or waiter is unable to assist a customer immediately, it is important to let the customer know of the situation.
  • Knowing the names of your regulars and their preferences is a great way to further increase customer satisfaction.
  • Employees that are able to pick up on what type of customer they have is important. Some want to talk, and some want to be left alone and served a drink or two. Either way, reading a customer can help to make their night even better.

Turn a Good Night into a Great Night

Helping to turn a good night into a great night is one aspect of customer experience in a bar. The other is how well you and your employees can handle conflicts/complaints that arise.

    • Listen to complaints with eye contact and focus. A quick way to lose a customer is to make them feel like what they are sharing is going to be ignored.
    • You and your employees should remain calm in any situation and maintain neutrality.
    • Paraphrasing what a customer has complained about goes a long way.

what is a good customer service experience

What do you think good customer service is? You should operate your business how you would like to be treated on your night out. There will be easy and kind customers in your bar and there will be difficult customers as well. Controlling how customers act should not be the focus. Focus rather on how you and your employees act and how they treat customers. Something as simple as cutting off someone who has had one too many can save the night for everyone in attendance.

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