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Common Bartending Methods of Theft

You see it all the time on the news, employees stealing from the businesses and companies that they work for but it can be hard to come to terms with the fact that some of your employees may be stealing from you. The bar industry may not attract the valedictorians or boy scouts, but that doesn’t mean all employees are destined to ruin your business. One of the most challenging aspects of managing a bar is having a good gut feeling about the employees you hire and trust with the success of the business. But the sad reality is that some employees will steal, and until now, there was very little you could do about it.

Glimpse provides owners and managers the unique opportunity to monitor what goes on behind the bar on a very precise level. Before we get into how Glimpse can help catch bartenders stealing, let’s take a look at the various ways they can steal.

How Bartenders Steal

COMMON BARTENDING METHODS OF THEFTShort Pouring- this happens when a bartender purposely pours less than the standard amount of alcohol (usually on top of the mixer, so the customer doesn’t notice) and then later sells the saved liquor for personal profit.  

Substitutions– bartenders will prepare a call drink with a less expensive brand of liquor than what is ordered and ring up the drink with premium prices. The bartender will then pocket the cash difference, and both the customer and manager are unaware.

Tapping Up– managers know that the pour costs of the liquor increase when theft occurs, so bartenders can offset this impact by refilling the liquor bottles with water to replace the amount stolen. A few ounces of water in a bottle of liquor is extremely hard to detect.

Juggling– this occurs when a bartender collects cash for drinks from two or more customers at once. This allows the bartender to enter in only half of the transaction and deposit all of the collected cash (which can be retrieved later).

How to Catch Bartenders Stealing

Bar theft prevention, as well as restaurant loss prevention, are possible. Using video cameras, their monitoring works in two ways. Directly, they hone in on vulnerability and employees that are hurting the business. Indirectly, the presence of the cameras, as well as the knowledge that they could be analyzed, will improve employee honesty and decrease theft. Another benefit is the ease of bringing Glimpse on board. No additional training or time is necessary on the part of management or owner which allows attention to be focused elsewhere. Theft is all too common and may be happening without your knowledge. Improve the profitability of your bar with expert assistance from Glimpse. Take the next step in maximizing your establishment’s success by consulting Glimpse and tailoring a strategy to suit your needs. Visit  https://www.glimpsecorp.com today to schedule your free demo.


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Glimpse could help you generate an additional in profit per year.

How to stop losing profits in your bar?

  1. You have to control liquor inventory
  2. Manage the ordering and invoicing process better
  3. Understand your bar’s sales data
  4. Calculate pour costs and prevent overpouring
  5. Calculate drink prices

Glimpse Corp can help you with these. We provide actionable sales data analysis by monitoring your bar and restaurant service points.

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