How to run a successful bar is a frequently asked question. The right atmosphere, customer service oriented employees, and a wide beverage offering are a good starting strategy. Our video auditing solution, bar beverage control systems and inventory management software comprise the Glimpse smart bar technology and are key to running a successful business with higher efficiency!

Increase Bar Revenue

Our video analysis software for bars will enable you to minimize lost revenue and improve inventory management. Reports show all categorized beverage transactions, and indicate sales that are at risk.

Prevent Loss

By auditing your beverage sales with bar management software we monitor your business with no disruption to operations. Our bar consulting is backed up by indisputable reports that highlight sales at risk.

Boost Productivity

Our bar inventory management software doesn’t require training or maintenance, so managers have no extra burdens. Take advantage of the bar technology solutions and up to date approach to beverage tracking and control.

Recognize Your Best Employees

Our beverage control systems will create actionable reports that result in verifiable testimony for rewarding your best bartenders while providing a great learning tool for those less accomplished.

Enable Improvement

By randomly scheduling the auditing of your bar we create a self-healing platform. Employees quickly learn the cameras are actually being used to determine their performance.

Business Processes

Every bar has its own philosophy, atmosphere, and target audience. We can personalize our inventory management software to meet your needs, which in turn will make your daily operational process simpler and improve customer experience.


Let us Glimpse into your daily operation with our bar software and discover our bar consulting services

Bar inventory management

There is a fine line between success and failure in the bar business and each drop can make or break your bottom line. At the end of the day, you are in business to make a profit and eliminate unnecessary costs; Glimpse will help you improve your beverage operations and bar inventory management. All transactions and standard operating procedures are easily monitored by Glimpse’s video auditing software to identify areas of high cost risk such as spillage, unaccounted sales and employee behavior.

Proper bar inventory management is a crucial component to running a profitable bar. There are several aspects that tie into bar inventory control such as:

  • Ordering
  • Tracking
  • Serving and portion control
  • Employee behavior
  • Pricing

Glimpse utilizes video auditing software and sales data analysis to provide instant feedback to management. Improving workplace efficiency and challenging employee behavior are keys to running a successful bar. Let Glimpse help you capture more revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs and immediately become more profitable through bar beverage control.