Latest video auditing software and data analysis for bars and restaurants. The Glimpse solutions challenge employee behavior with indisputable employee evaluations, instantly improving work process efficiency and the ability to generate higher sales leading to an immediate increase in profit

Increase Revenue

Our video monitoring software shows you where sales transactions are at highest risk of lost revenue, organized by category and time. Reports click through to the audited images of sales that are at risk

Prevent Loss

By auditing your bar, restaurant and over the counter beverage sales, we monitor your business with no disruption to operations through video cameras. Our restaurant data analysis reports highlight areas of risk

Boost Productivity

Because our video analysis solution does not require training or maintenance managers are not burdened with new tasks. We reduce management hassle and stress, allowing you to focus on the guest experience

Best Practice Insights

Our team of expert hospitality professionals, share insights on proven best practices and industry’s benchmarks. Process enforcement and workflow efficiency is achieved through weekly consultations

Recognize Your Best Employees

Our video auditing reports offer verifiable testimony for rewarding your best employees, while providing a great learning tool for those less accomplished

Enable Improvement

By randomly audits with video monitoring software we create a self-healing platform. Employees quickly learn the cameras are now actually being used to determine their performance

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