May 11, 2018 glimpse_team

Our Top 7 Restaurants in Tampa Bay FL

One of the best aspects of living in a city of substantial size is having access to an abundance of amenities and restaurants. Also, traveling to a new city, whether for work or pleasure, offers a great variety of new places to visit and experience. Everyone needs to eat and trying out new restaurants in your home city or when you travel can be a wonderful experience. Tampa Bay is home to a delightfully diverse culinary scene that offers everything from local favorites to 5-star gourmet kitchens. Whether you live near or are planning to visit Tampa Bay, be sure to check out these incredible restaurants.

5-Star Restaurants in Tampa Bay, FL

  • Bern’s Steak House
    BernsBern’s has been a Tampa icon since 1956 when the doors first opened. Then and now, they are known for perfectly dry-aged steaks and an expertly selected wine list. White tablecloths and excellent service make Bern’s a great choice for any special occasion.
  • Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steaks
    This fine-dining chain, with locations across the country, serves up elegant surf and turf dishes with fresh seafood and perfectly cooked meats. If you are just looking for a great cocktail and atmosphere, Eddie V’s has both in their cocktail lounge with live jazz.
  • Ocean Prime
    ocean primeKnown for their seafood, Ocean Prime is home to some of the best seafood in Tampa. Specializing in local and regional flavors, Ocean Prime offers an extensive wine list to accompany their delicious menu.
  • Piccola Italia Bistro
    No list of restaurants is complete without a top-notch Italian spot. Piccola Italia is Tampa’s place for classic Italian dishes and intimate atmosphere. Come experience old world Italian recipes to satisfy your pasta cravings.
  • Rooster & the Till
    roosterNamed #1 restaurant in 2018 by the Tampa Bay Times, Rooster & the Till is co-owned by Award-winning Chef Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez. Featuring an inventive menu that utilizes fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create New American dishes.
  • The Reading Room
    With a community atmosphere in mind, The Reading Room captures the nostalgic tastes of classic recipes that are combined with modern ideas. Come enjoy the unique environment that cultivates a love for food, wine and hospitality.
  • Il Ritorno
    ritornoIf you’re looking for a new take on the Italian cuisine, you need to check out Il Ritorno. This rustic-industrial atmosphere fits perfectly with the menu that changes daily. The new age Italian menu highlights new and unique flavors.



These are a few of the top restaurants, but there are many more to experience in Tampa Bay. New bars and restaurants open and longstanding ones close their doors for good all the time because the industry is extremely competitive.

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