March 21, 2017 glimpse_team

Common Restaurant Problems and the Solution

Running a successful restaurant can be extremely challenging especially when the choices that diners have are beyond overwhelming. The three things that usually determine the success of a restaurant are the food, the service, and the location/atmosphere. You may be able to make it with two of these factors but having all three can increase your chances of operating a successful restaurant tremendously. Managers and owners are often faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the operation of the restaurant.

Here are some of the most common problems that restaurants face on a consistent basis.

The Menu– creating the right menu for what you are trying to accomplish is a delicate balancing act. Questions that arise when developing the menu are:

  • Too few or too many items?
  • Is there a coherent theme to the menu and style?
  • Do we have a variety of items to please a variety of customers?
  • Are the dishes under or overpriced?

The menu should be an evolving project that will change over time as you figure out what sells, what doesn’t and as you establish a customer base. Evaluate your menu on a monthly, bi-annually or yearly basis compared to your POS system. Having current knowledge on the performance of your menu is important.

Unique Selling Point– what makes your restaurant unique? Do you offer a style of food that is different than the other local competitors or a unique atmosphere that compliments the meal? Once you develop what will make customers come to you instead of your competitors, you will be able to market effectively and efficiently. All established restaurants (chains or not) all become known for their unique selling point. For example, if your restaurant carries a large selection of craft beers or you are known for the best burger in town, use that to your advantage in developing your presence in the culinary scene.

Management– being able to effectively analyze the daily operations and sales of your restaurant can be extremely beneficial. For example, knowing when you are the busiest for efficient staffing needs, inventory management, profit margin on each menu item, and daily/monthly/yearly sales is vitally important for the successful operation of your restaurant. Identifying where revenue is lost and where costs can be reduced is the job of your management team.

Staff and Customer Service– put an emphasis on hiring the right people for your restaurant and you will see the results over time. Hiring the wrong people leads to high turnover rates and can damage your reputation with current and future customers. Your restaurant can serve delicious food, but if the customer service is bad, diners will remember. There is nothing more memorable about a dining experience than how the customers are treated by the staff. Customer service needs to be at the forefront of your training methodology and expressed on a consistent basis.

The SolutionGlimpse Corp. is an outsourced video analysis company that captures and performs video auditing of the standard service operating procedures of your restaurant. The main goal of Glimpse’s services is to increase your restaurant’s revenue by identifying high-risk areas such as sales that are unaccounted for, inconsistent employee service and loss.

Glimpse provides:

  • Integration to your existing POS system to track sales and provide audited reports with digital images.
  • Boosted productivity because no training or maintenance is required for the services.
  • Advanced inventory management.
  • Audited reports showing the high-risk areas that need to be addressed and corrected in order to capture all potential revenue.
  • Best employee recognition through its employee monitoring system that provides audited reports. Also, it is a great learning tool for those employees less accomplished.

Glimpse helps improve customer service, work process efficiency and the ability to capture all revenue and reduce unnecessary costs. To learn more about what Glimpse can do for your restaurant/bar, visit

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