November 14, 2017 glimpse_team

Your Local Bar is Changing, Thanks to Technology

Technology is changing every aspect of the way a business operates. 

Bar technology and the service industry as a whole is no exception.

Restaurants are becoming smarter, gaining efficiency and consumers are more informed in all areas. You can now order a burger from your phone in just a few clicks, see what the most talked about cocktail in New York City is, share reviews of new restaurants with your friends, and it is getting easier and easier as technology continues to evolve.

A service industry trend has been the growing use of chatbots.

Thanks to the continued exposure that text messaging, Facebook Messenger and devices like Amazon Echo, people have grown more accustomed to bots. This move away from human interaction is highlighted by a recent poll that showed almost 30% of consumers prefer chatbots over direct human interaction when detailing with retailers. The human element is still present, but there is a growing number of customers who prefer ordering via Facebook for Wingstop, for example.

POS systems are nothing new.

For years, a waiter has taken your card and swiped it on a thick monitor to cash you out. This area, however, is not exempt from the changes that the service industry and bar technology are undergoing. Companies are now combining their entire systems into one efficient aspect of their business. Rather than having separate systems to run supply, employees, front-of-house operations, etc., the POS systems of tomorrow are one multi-faceted operation. For example, the new Union Square Café in New York has their floor managers and sommeliers wear Apple Watches. They are alerted when an item runs out, when guests are seated, and if a specific table has waited too long to order. Don’t be surprised if you see employees at your next dinner out checking their smartwatches because it’s put in place to make the customer experience better.

Another trend is the growing popularity of mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay.

Woman making payment using NFC technology at the shop, cafe or bar

Comfortability with this new form of payment has been on the rise and as such the service/hospitality industry is adapting. A meal typically comes to an end when the check is placed on the table by the waiter, but with advancements in payment technology, there will be new forms of closing out a bill.

Not surprisingly, social media is spilling over and impacting bar industry trends.

Bars, as well as other hospitality businesses, can track their presence, customer satisfaction and popularity via social media. Another interesting aspect of the changing landscape is how something as simple as the Instagram-ability of a business can change a reputation. Bars that were previously just pit-stops on a night out are now becoming the destination.

Looking forward, expect to see high levels of consolidation.

For example, companies that have platforms and apps to help customers order takeout will likely combine to provide an even better experience. Also, personalization is always a popular area to improve upon. Consumers are able to research every aspect of food through the internet and will continue to use these methods to make choices. People are able to carefully pick their next meal or drink based on reviews or suggestions and businesses are allowed to be more specific in what they offer. Rather than feeling forced to have a menu filled with a little bit of everything, the increased exposure via the internet allows individuality. The relationship between customers and hospitality businesses is growing stronger and more information is exchanged.

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