August 9, 2017 glimpse_team

How Can Video Analytics Help Your Restaurant

Many of our clients come to us for restaurant consulting, and time after time we invite them to implement video technology and video analysis software. More restaurants are picking up on the trend, and our clients are seeing massive leaps in their business efficiency.

Here are the biggest benefits to using video analytics in your restaurant:

Big Data

Utilizing big data in the workplace is by no means new, and its usefulness is always increasing. The more diverse video capabilities become, the more insights businesses can pull from automated people counting or surveillance footage.

Video is a new and growing data goldmine for businesses of all sizes. Now those video insights are automated, video analysis software can do the heavy lifting or sifting in this case and extracting for you so that your employees can focus on customer service and sales. Intelligent Video Analytics help businesses determine changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

People Counting

A newly emerging benefit of video in the workplace is using automated observation to get a headcount of retail patrons, also known as retail traffic counting. Traffic counting lends its intel to a wide array of analytical interpretations. In the restaurant industry, video analytics can help to determine how effective signage is or which hours of the day bring in the most customers. Although managers and staff can do their best to clock when people are in the most or the least, video technology speeds up the business intelligence process.

Different types of video monitoring and heat mapping effectively quote exactly how many people come in, and when. They provide information on repeat customers, times of day and days of the week that generate the most traffic. Because the associated software does the analyzing automatically, results are readily provided so that you can make the necessary changes.

Traditionally, restaurants used to take weeks, months, even years to determine which happy hour offers lured the most customers, how repeat customers responded to new specials, etc. Video technology does all of this monitoring for you. New signage? Video and heat mapping will determine who looks at the banner or offers and how they respond to it. The software goes further and tidily wraps up the summary of each day’s traffic and attention-getters.

Promotion Insurance

If you are running a promotion, don’t wait to the end of the quarter to see how your business profited. Implement video analytics to determine whether or not the wording and offer is effective, right away! If heat mapping tells you that nobody is taking the offer as bait, then make a change early on in the promotion. Keep rearranging and rewording until analytics tell you that what you are offering is working.

Future Success

All video analyses are logged, stored and made easy for you to sift through in the future. Should you want to run a promotion or new happy hour, you can look back at past results to see which offers were effective, which days of the week were the busiest, etc. The possibilities are endless!


One of the most obvious uses of video in a bar or night club is surveillance. Video can help prevent theft, spot human error, and improve performance. More likely, the surveillance is beneficial for keeping employees honest and hard working. Though free drinks might not seem like much to an employee, if the entire team is constantly treating themselves to the bar, your daily profits will notice a loss. Analytics can tell you how much employee indulgences are really affecting profit margins and when/who is the creating the most problematic dips.

Video analysis has never been easier. Allow Glimpse to install the proper hardware and sit back, knowing our team of experts is behind the scenes, making sure our video management software produces the most accurate, up-to-date and influential business intelligence insights based on the video collected in your restaurant.

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