July 5, 2017 glimpse_team

How Do You Gauge Employee Performance?

Tracking employee performance is essential to the health of your business development plans. Every company looking to grow must have a team who is on board, hard-working and honest.

So, what type of video management system provides the best solution to keeping employees performing well?

At Glimpse Performance Insights, we use video auditing to make employee surveillance transparent and useful. Glimpse video makes it easy to enforce full compliance to optimize business without overstepping any personal or ethical boundaries.

When implementing a video system, it is important to establish a few parameters:

  • Company Policy

Create a privacy policy for employees and do not stray from it without verbal and written notice. Explain what the cameras will be used for, where they will be placed and make sure they are only used for those purposes and in those locations.

  • Transparency

Being transparent with employees is the most important step to your video surveillance success. Creating trust in the workplace is vital to a cohesive group and welcoming environment. Let employees know cameras are to ensure their best performance and that of guests or strangers.

  • Maintain Employee Privacy

Employees should not be monitored everywhere. There should be designated camera-free areas where employees can expect their privacy to be respected.

  • Establish Rationale

Explain that the surveillance is for the health of your company. Make it about business, not people!

Learn more about our video management software and start auditing employee performance to see an increase in business results. Get in touch with our talented team at Glimpse Performance Insights to get started.

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