December 18, 2017 glimpse_team

Glimpse Announces Multiple New Hires

By Nation’s Restaurant News

Glimpse Group LLC is in the Process of Growing its Sales and Marketing Team By Yahoo Finance

Glimpse Group LLC, a company that provides restaurant and bar auditing through video analysis of food and beverage transactions and related services for the hospitality industry, are pleased to announce their recent growth of the Sales & Marketing Team to align with new client opportunities.

Jenny Boussaert, a founding member of MeetSelect ( who spearheaded the expansion of the company’s footprint in seven different markets, is delighted to be part of the Glimpse team and take on the role as Director of Business Development.

”Jenny brings a vast experience in brand expansion and strategic partnerships to Glimpse; her profound network and knowledge of the hospitality segment are a perfect catalyst to our growth projections,” stated Paul Radu, Chief Executive Officer.

Alicia M. Herrera joined Glimpse as Business Development Manager in December. As one of three founding members of Vinecraft (, a local wine and spirits distribution company, Herrera was instrumental in shaping its success. In her role as Sales Director, Herrera supported the multi-million annual sales growth from startup to acquisition, and managed all supplier relationships. Domaine Select acquired Vinecraft last year.

”Our momentum is attracting great people and I’m delighted to welcome our latest team members,” Radu added.

Since its inception, Glimpse developed a well-deserved reputation for a unique technology solution and service that helped their hospitality clients efficiently grow their business.

The video auditing and sales analytics bar management software monitors every food and beverage service transaction through video cameras, and then matches the data to the client’s existing standards of service and point of sale records; variances are identified and reported back to management and ownership for immediate improvement.

”Glimpse provides actionable in-depth insight to your beverage operations and standard operating procedure compliance; our clients experience a 10% to 40% reduction in ‘at-risk’ transactions and a revenue increase of 10% within the first month of implementation,” Radu noted.