January 10, 2017 glimpse_team

Optimize Your Processes with Glimpse

Process and standards are appreciated by every restaurant manager in every industry. The first challenge is to set up restaurant processes, the second challenge is to monitor and track conformance and the third is reporting on compliance with and exceptions to SOP – Standard Operating Procedure.

Glimpse into Restaurant Processes

We have not invented new processes, on the contrary, we at Glimpse are strong believers in following processes that have proven successful time and time again. The restaurant processes Glimpse recommends are the processes used by the national brands and by many smaller operators who are intent on building their business or want to maximize the profit of their investment and time.

The entire Glimpse restaurant consulting team comes from the hospitality industry; we have been owners, restaurant managers, and operators in every section of hospitality.

We ‘Get It’

We get that restaurant process is only as good as the restaurant managers who enforce it and as good as employees who respect it. We also ‘Get’ that customer service comes before everything and that is why we have developed a process tracking and reporting service that does NOT change your operations and does NOT require training and does NOT increase hassle.

When you can measure your compliance and when you can use exceptions reports to impress on employees the benefit, to them too, that comes with working professionally, then you win because your customer’s win and your bottom line wins.

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