July 20, 2017 glimpse_team

How to Improve Beverage Management in Miami Bars

Improving beverage management is a critical component of any bar management. Carefully pricing cocktails, monitoring mixing, enforcing pour policies and ensuring SOPs are being followed can significantly increase profitability. If not taken seriously, failing to apply beverage management techniques can tank a bar.

As a manager, you know that slippage happens. Employees make mistakes, extra drinks get poured, sometimes somebody worth business retention needs free drinks, but for the majority of the time this isn’t the case. Recover your bar’s success by enforcing standard operating procedures. Only you account for margins of error – It’s better if your bartenders and waiters don’t know that there is leeway.

How to run a successful beverage management:

  • Update par settings twice a year, if not quarterly or monthly. Pars tracks inventory so you know when something is about to run out or when you are overstocked.
  • Use a pricing tool for your drinks. Pricing beverages is complicated- you need to get people in the door, but you need a profit. Save yourself the hassle and use an online tool that runs industry metrics to determine a fair price.
  • Enforce pour policies. Everybody wants more alcohol, but you have a business to run. Establish a strict policy, use pour spouts and spend time at the bar to ensure bartenders are abiding. Glimpse Corp has the perfect video analysis services to ensure this happens.
  • Track drink spills and giveaways. Although there are ways to minimize these free drink situations, they happen. It’s vital that SOPs are in place to make sure these drinks are accounted for.
  • Set up security cameras. When working with Glimpse Corp, we install cameras over the bar area and analyze the data collected through random audits. The footage from these audits is backed up by data from your POS system and highlights areas where a bartender may have given someone a free drink or forgotten
  • to account for the drink altogether. You don’t need to spy on your employees, but the idea of somebody watching will deter them from frequent giveaways and heavy pours.
  • Invest in a quality draft system. Any bar consultant will tell you to invest in good equipment that doesn’t cost you down the line.
  • Hire staff you trust. At the end of the day, your bartenders are the manifestation of your policies. Invest in a team that supports you and your bar.

For more tips on how to improve a bars performance, reach out to our experts at Glimpse!

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