September 18, 2017 glimpse_team

Importance of Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential for the efficient and effective running of any business, especially in the bar and restaurant industry. Step-by-step instructions or procedures that explain how to carry out daily operations. In the restaurant and bar industry, SOPs either make or break the successful operation because every aspect of running a bar or restaurant requires a specific routine to meet the various demands.

Here are the reasons why implementing clear, specific SOPs can be a total savior for your restaurant or bar.

Increase Productivity

By having SOPs in place; employees will have a clear understanding of just what is expected of them. Knowing the specific expectations and how to achieve them, the likelihood that productivity will increase due to SOPs is very high. More time can be spent focusing on other important aspects of the operation rather than “retraining” employees since they will learn the SOPs during their initial training.


Whether it is food storage or handling or even proper cleaning methods, SOPs help minimize or eliminate any potential situations that could be dangerous to employees or customers. Having a thorough system of SOPs in place will give your employees the knowledge and tools on how to handle any potentially dangerous situation.

Consistency/Quality Control

Gaining loyal customers can be difficult to obtain and very easy to lose. One of the easiest ways to lose a customer’s loyalty is by providing inconsistent service or food/drinks. SOPs are an excellent way to ensure that each employee is providing the same level of service or quality of product that customers will expect each time they visit.

Employee Performance Measurement

Without SOPs and a way to measure quality, accuracy, and performance, employee reviews are left up to the arbitrary discretion of management. As mentioned above, when employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, productivity and performance often increase.

Glimpse helps bars and restaurants achieve a high level of SOP compliance by utilizing video image analysis of beverage transactions to provide audited reports that identify areas of potential revenue loss. To learn more about how Glimpse can be your bar consultant and maximize the effect of your SOPs, visit to schedule your free trial.