April 30, 2018 glimpse_team

Digital Consumer Restaurant Trends

This year is shaping up to be big for restaurant consumer trends.

While trends like mobile ordering are not brand-new technology, the increasingly widespread application and fine-tuning of it has changed the restaurant industry. People are demanding new ways to order and enjoy food and interact with their favorite places. These digital consumer trends in the restaurant industry are going to play a very large role in the rest of this year and beyond.

Mobile OrderingCustomer making wireless or contactless payment using smartphone. Cashier accepting payment over nfc technology. Concept of using mobile to pay at pos in restaurant.

The Internet using percentage of the world is growing fast. Estimates say 76% of people will have internet access by the year 2030. Areas of the Middle East and Asia will experience the quickest growth. Paralleling this trend is the increase in mobile telephone subscribers which will reach 99.5% of the Middle East and Asia. As smartphones and internet gain penetration, it is no wonder why mobile ordering has grown so quickly.

Although mobile ordering is nothing new, more and more businesses are adopting this to suit the demands of their customers. Especially popular with the fast-food and coffee businesses, mobile ordering is expected to continue this growth. By the year 2020, over 10% of all sales at quick-service restaurants will be completed by mobile ordering ($38 billion).  

Augmented Reality

While augmented reality mains focused on the gaming/entertainment industry, expect to see it spread to restaurant consumers over the next five years. Beginning with seven million VR headset sales in 2016, the availability has gone up and so have the applications. Businesses may use these to create foot traffic via new experiences or to generate virtual storefronts. Taco Bell already has a virtual storefront on their website where merchandise can be purchased from but this could potentially expand to your living room. In-home commerce experiences, even those with restaurants, can use augmented reality as the technology progresses.


The increasing popularity of smart speakers, with built-in AI, points towards a new consumer trend. People are decreasing their dependence on human interaction to place orders, set schedules, etc. and the one-on-one experience that AI can offer may just replace some restaurant employees. By 2025, there is likely to be new levels of personalized experiences in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Gone may be the days of ordering through a cashier or receiving recommendations from the wait staff. As data analysis and AI grow, customers can expect to receive increasingly accurate and tailor-made service in the restaurant world.

Facial Recognition  

Your phone can unlock by analyzing your face, so why can’t you order food or pay with it as well? In the near future, you may see businesses use facial recognition to verify customers instead of loyalty cards or a name for reservations. Without needed to supply personal information, people can feel safer knowing their personal info will remain unknown.

There are many restaurant trends as technology advances, but one current trend is digital monitoring.

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