February 27, 2017 glimpse_team

SOP for Restaurants and POS System

The nature of running a restaurant is a hectic but a well-ordered environment that is controlled by a variety of specific operating procedures. These standard operating procedures for restaurant management and inventory management are vitally important for the safety of everyone involved, meeting legal specifications and the overall smooth running of the restaurant. By keeping the instructions and procedures consistent, guests of your restaurant will be provided with a professional and memorable dining experience. Areas that require standard operating procedures include: serving alcohol, menu changes, food handling, kitchen safety and cleaning, kitchen management, customer service and customer transactions.

SOP and Successful Restaurants

The smooth and efficient running of all these areas is crucial for operating a successful restaurant. When it comes to serving food and drinks, it is absolutely crucial that you train your servers for quality control. You and your management are responsible for creating a professional atmosphere for your employees and the means that they are able to perform their tasks efficiently, safely and up to the standards they were trained for. Food safety is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a restaurant because improper handling, storage or cooking of foods can cause illness for a large number of people. Customer service and transactions are at the heart of your restaurant’s operations, without customers and their money you would have no restaurant. Training your employees to provide exceptional customer service and to efficiently operate the restaurant point of sales system is key.

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SOP, POS and Video Analysis

One way to ensure that your employees comply with the standard operating procedures that you set is to integrate a video data analysis system with your existing POS. Glimpse provides restaurant owners and managers with detailed audited reports that identify high-risk areas where revenue may be lost such as sales unaccounted for, slow and inconsistent customer service and loss/theft. Glimpse is essentially an employee monitoring system that allows owners and managers an easy way to identify top performing employees and the ones who need a bit more work. The food and beverage industry is extremely competitive, and Glimpse can provide the extra edge necessary to help capture all revenue and eliminate unnecessary costs. Schedule a demo to learn more.