November 27, 2017 glimpse_team

Tech Tool to Boost Your Restaurant or Bar

There is a good chance that you may be reading this very post on your smartphone right now. Today, nearly everything can be done on your smartphone while you are running to and from work, picking up the kids or running on the treadmill. Ordering groceries, paying bills and even making a reservation for your favorite restaurant. Digital technology has changed just about every aspect of our daily lives, and it’s time that you incorporate it into how you run a successful restaurant and bar. Choosing the right technologies to add to your management strategy is key to running a successful food and beverage business and let me tell you, there is a lot to choose from. Restaurant reservation apps are one such tool.


The most popular reservation platform on the market is OpenTable. Their large customer base and flawless user experience has led them to the top of the mobile reservation niche.

Competitors: NoWait, Waitlist Me, Resy

These tips that can really help you pick the best option:

  • Know what you need- there are so many features, bonuses, and even unnecessary frills that. Getting a worthwhile product is key, but overspending for options you don’t need is wasteful. Consider your client base, consider how important this new platform will be and don’t be afraid to spend upfront to get the best product you need.
  • Go all in- integration may seem like a process that should be done with ease and overtime, but that will only cause headaches and dissatisfaction. Learn everything you can, reach out to their customer service team to help answer any and all questions upfront.
  • It is a tool, not a solution- remember that utilizing technology is meant to strengthen and make your business more efficient and shouldn’t be counted on as an end-all solution to every problem. The people in your operations are the true key to success.

While incorporating mobile reservations to your business model can make a significant impact on your business, making the right hiring decisions can ultimately make or break your establishment. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and policies are ignored, which can lead to profit losses at the end of the day. Making sure that everyone follows the standard operating procedures each and every time used to be an impossible task before Glimpse. Glimpse is a restaurant consulting company that helps by identifying areas of high risk within your bar and restaurant using digital images that are matched up with POS transactions. To learn more, visit to start your free trial today.

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