September 25, 2017 glimpse_team

Why Invest in Video Analysis?

A restaurant or bar is often limited by the management that is in place. Everything from hiring and training the right employees to operating decisions. There are several qualities and traits that any good or great manager should possess.

Traits of Good Management

Attitude– dealing with the stress and unexpected yet frequent problems that can arise when running a bar or restaurant requires an exceptional attitude. Day in and day out, management needs to keep a positive, upbeat attitude that will influence the entire atmosphere of the restaurant or bar.

Consistency– this may be one of the most important qualities of management to have. Consistency in everything regarding operations is essential to the success. Consistent ordering, training, scheduling, maintenance, reviews, inventory and so much more. Being reliable is also an important aspect of being a consistent manager or owner.

Leadership– management in charge of the rest of the staff but being in charge shouldn’t mean always giving orders. The best managers are often ones that lead by example. Running a successful restaurant or bar takes teamwork from all employees and instilling a sense of leadership through every position is key. Each person on the staff should feel that management is willing to work beside them and not always above them.

Proactive– the number of problems and issues that can arise in running a restaurant or bar, just daily, is astounding. Being able to react and problem solve is a crucial skill that all managers should possess. However, being proactive along with reactive is a trait that the very best will possess. Identifying areas of risk and catching potential problems before they happen can be one of the most powerful determinants of success.

Managers and owners, regardless of how good they are, can only do so much. A lot of trust comes into play during the successful operation of a restaurant. Trusting employees to do their jobs, whether it be the front of the house or back of the house operations, isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and human error occurs (intentional or not), and most restaurants and bars do not have the means to keep an eye on all aspects of their establishment’s operations. We live in the digital age and technology has afforded managers and owners a new way to increase their oversight.

Video analysis has emerged in the restaurant and bar industry to help minimize areas of high-risk that cause profit loss. Glimpse provides video image analysis and audited reports to owners and managers that identify areas that are risking the loss of profits. Seeing as a manager can’t be everywhere at one time, Glimpse performs randomly scheduled audits. Glimpse helps restaurants and bars with:

  • SOP enforcement and workflow efficiency
  • Identifying employee achievement
  • Boost productivity
  • Capture all revenue and minimize costs
  • Prevent intentional and unintentional loss
  • Reduce human error

With the feedback gained from Glimpse’s audited reports, management is armed with accurate information to greatly increase the opportunity for success of the restaurant or bar. Now, management can play an even greater role in the overall operation. It’s important to utilize every advantage available because the restaurant and bar industry is one of the most competitive and the margin for success is extremely small. To learn more about how Glimpse can help you or to try a free trial, visit