July 2, 2018 glimpse_team

Big Data is the Key to Success for Restaurants

Being able to adapt and change with emerging trends is absolutely crucial to surviving in most industries in today’s market. With technology being integrated into just about everything we do, it is so hard to be competitive and successful without utilizing every possible advantage and tool. Even the restaurant industry is turning to technology to help gain any business edge possible on the competition. With so many restaurants opening and closing all the time, even just around your city, it is easy to understand the difference between success and failure is often times minuscule. Let’s take a look at how restaurants and bars have turned to technology and data information to help boost sales and keep customers coming through their doors.

Understanding how to use business intelligence and data analytics to your advantage can be a game-changer. Whether you are looking to better reach a target customer group or understand how your servers’ behavior can impact sales can all be analyzed, broken down and capitalized on with the right tools. Here are some of the most innovative ways that restaurants and bars are using this information.

Quality Deliveries

As Americans, we thrive on convenience. We now can order things we want/need on Amazon and have them delivered to our door in a couple hours. Our days never seem to have enough time as it is and to combat this trend, more companies are popping up all over that specialize in delivering food to customers and don’t forget the restaurants that deliver their food as well. Big data logistics can be used to collect and analyze information like road traffic, time, weather, temperature, route, distance, etc. to help provide a much more accurate delivery time for the customer. There may be nothing worse than being promised food to be delivered in 25 minutes and shows up 45 minutes later and cold.

Operational Success

Analyzing the operations of your restaurant can also help improve your customer’s experience from service time to wait times. Increasing the rate that your restaurant can turn tables on busy nights while still allowing people to feel relaxed is a delicate balance but helping cut down time in the kitchen, serving efficiency, floor plan layout and the types of seating available can all play into maximizing numbers while providing a great experience. Owners and managers can use this data in real time to correct problems on the spot because operating a restaurant is a fast-paced venture.

Make It Personal

Happy couple at lounge disco bar counter and laughing. Young people having fun in a club.

Customers now want to feel special and valued, which means targeted in data terms. Gathering data on an individual can be as simple as having them sign up for a birthday club, using an app or connecting to Wi-Fi. Any information can be useful with the right insight and direction. Restaurant and bar visitors view their choices as a reflection of their own personalities and expect restaurants to reflect that. Target marketing is so important and will only continue to become more valuable.

As the data collection and applications become more specialized with the adaptations and innovations of the restaurant industry, we will see an even more dramatic shift towards data analysis. All of these decisions are geared towards increasing revenues because at the end of the day success is determined if your establishment brings in more money than it spends. Another great application of data can be captured through digital images and POS systems.

Glimpse provides bars and restaurants with performance insights through sales analytics and process monitoring. By auditing digital images and POS transactions, Glimpse is able to provide feedback regarding areas of risk (lost revenue/excess costs) so that management can address and change.

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