Case Study

Bar & Lounge Segment


  • 6 months Glimpse service period
  • 6 cameras (2 main bars, 1 service bar)
  • Client initially benchmarked at an average 56%
    At Risk transactions and estimated True
    Revenue Loss of
  • After 1st month of implementation, At Risk %
    dropped to 37% and Estimated True Loss
    down to

Avg $6.6 Million TTL Revenue


Audits Performed: 71
Images Processed: 3.2 MIL

Transactions at Risk: 56%

Transactions at Risk: 16%

~Savings: $94765

South Florida Market

At Ongoing 16% At Risk Transactions

Sales At Risk = $759200/yr GLIMPSE REVENUE*

*with consistent service & reducCon in sales at risk to >5%

‘At Risk’ Analysis & Monthly Progression

Client experienced 12xROI & savings after first month of
utilizing Glimpse’s proprietary system & >30% overall ROI.

Estimated Monthly True Revenue
Loss Down from $26045 —> ~$5230

Periodic increase in At Risk % due to

  • New hires & training
  • Lack of enforcement of procedures
  • Theft

3 audits weekly allowed management/ownership a Glimpse into a wide range of scenarios & employee performance.

Case study results attributed to Glimpse service due to:

  • Weekly consultations & monthly discussions
    with management on trends seen in reports
  • Employee behavior change, and positive impact
    on the operational and the financial side
  • Occurrences of direct theft were uncovered after
    first 6 audits
  • Monthly savings accounted for / $3500 or higher
    (more than 7x ROI)



Forget what others do!

Gadgets or sensors engineered to improve operations, fail
because of lack of process tracking and execution.