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Grow Your Restaurant by Analyzing Big Data

Big data analytics is not just reserved for companies like IBM and Apple. Restaurants create data points ranging from menu item sales to employee performance, and Glimpse data analysis can make sense of it all. The cutthroat restaurant business world demands constant adaptation and efficiency improvements which can best be achieved by completely understanding past performance and how to shape future performance.

Restaurant consulting is becoming more and more popular, and Glimpse provides the analysis to compete.

In the past, chefs and restaurant owners have taken it upon themselves to make the decisions. Often these decisions are carried out without knowing all of the information and can be very ineffective. There are a few main big data categories for a restaurant that, if focused on, can drastically improve profit margins and employee performance (from line cooks to wait staff).

The Menurestaurant menu

A main area of focus when bringing in a restaurant consulting company is the menu. With profit margins in restaurants being tricky and thin, even the smallest of changes can increase the financial success of a restaurant. Through their restaurant management software, consultants will report which items sell best and how much revenue they generate. Having data for a length of time will show that updating menus, swapping items and bringing back old favorites will keep it interesting for the customers and provide the best possible menu for customers. Increasing menu awareness will not only bolster confidence in changes and choices but generate more revenue but cutting down waste and knowing which menu items the wait staff should push.

The Staff

Waitress in Miami Bar and restaurant serving foodA data analysis company will focus not just on the menu but also the staff who ultimately creates the restaurant experience. Beginning with who is the most efficient and beneficial chef and line cooks to which wait staff employee sells the most and what they sell. Creating an effective and profitable menu is only part of the big data restaurant world. Ensuring employees follow SOPs and tracking their performance through Glimpse video analysis further improves restaurant performance, sales and profits. Employees lacking can be identified and trained effectively through this process.

The Guests

The first two areas of analysis ultimately improve the one thing that really matters: the guest experience. A prosperous restaurant needs to focus on the customer experience just as much as the food and employees. Collecting, analyzing and reporting the data on customer preferences will help optimize your restaurant. Regular customers will be further enticed to continue their loyalty if a personalized experience is generated for them after understanding their tastes and menu habits. Keeping loyal customers coming back and attracting new ones can both be achieved through big data analysis.

In the restaurant business, any insight and changes that will improve sales, profits and guest experience should be strived for. Glimpse video analysis will serve to benefit your restaurant significantly and turn your restaurant into an efficient and prosperous business. Big data analysis in the restaurant world is gaining popularity, and those establishments that fail to adapt will fall behind and possibly close their doors.

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Glimpse will provide reports on employee performance which all serve to improve your restaurant. Our video and image analysis assistance will also serve to improve customer experience by decreasing wait times, highlighting inefficient employees and knowing how your restaurant operates on a daily basis. Let Glimpse take care of the data gathering and analysis, leaving you free to focus on other areas.

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