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Benefits of Employee Monitoring in a Bar

While workplace monitoring sounds like a smaller scale operation of government spying, it is actually a legal and necessary practice for business owners. Workplace monitoring happens in a variety of ways from email to phone calls. Just like with every phase of business, there are laws and regulations that strictly lay out exactly what employers can do under the scope of monitoring in the workplace, and they are in place to protect the privacy of employees in the workplace. For owners of businesses where employees are not working on phones or computers, video monitoring can be a huge asset towards eliminating lost revenue and encouraging workplace productivity. Both of these aspects play a large role in the operation of bars and restaurants.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring are Many

When it comes to running a bar or restaurant, controlling costs and capturing all revenues is the lifeblood of the business. Controlling food costs, reducing food and drink waste, employee performance and customer service all are instrumental pieces of running a successful bar or restaurant. While food and beverage costs and wastes are measurable metrics, employee performance is a bit more difficult to track, measure and monitor. But thanks to the digital age, employee activity monitoring software is easy to install and use. The benefits of employee monitoring are immediate and substantial from the use of monitoring systems that are linked up with an existing Point of Sales system.

POS Monitoring

POS errors can cost restaurants and bars considerable amounts of revenue each and every week. Whether employees are improperly entering sales, lack of training or by accident, or committing theft intentionally, these actions used to be difficult or impossible to catch and correct. But thanks to digital technology, bars, and restaurants can install video camera systems to monitor and track transactions and then the captured data can be audited to identify the issues.

Monitoring and Video Auditing

Customer service and employee performance can be very difficult to measure and improve on without an employee monitoring system in place. Great food and drinks can only keep customers happy up to a point; it is the customer service that generates repeat business and satisfied customers. Employee performance monitoring has never been easier with video auditing. By installing video cameras, it is very easy to identify with audited results the high-achieving employees and the less accomplished. Reports can be used as a learning tool to help each and every employee improve in areas such as POS proficiency and customer service.

What Can Glimpse Do for You?

Glimpse is an outsourced data analyst that captures and audits standard service operating procedures, sales, processes and customer service interactions through the use of video cameras. The audited reports show exactly where the highest risks of lost revenue come from and these high-risk sales are identified by time stamped images. Glimpse’s services immediately boost productivity because they do not require training or maintenance to be used. Seamless integration with your POS system allows the operation of your business to never slow down. Glimpse’s plans allow for random audits or client scheduled audits throughout each week, and because it is all done through video cameras, employees will never know when an audit is taking place. When you choose Glimpse, you will see an immediate decline in sales at risk, improved bottom line results and an ROI greater than five times. In the bar and restaurant world, there is often a fine line between success and failure so let Glimpse help you capture all revenue and contribute to reducing costs. To schedule a demo or learn more about the services that Glimpse provides, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/contact/.

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