December 19, 2016 glimpse_team

Benefits of a POS System

Besides having a great staff and an equally great menu of food and drinks, the most important aspect of running a successful restaurant is having the right technology in place to support the operations. Having the best point of sales system and getting the most out of it is vital for the smooth and successful operations of a restaurant or bar. There are various advantages and benefits of having an efficient restaurant point of sale system in place.

Easier Tracking of Sales

Whatever size of your bar or restaurant, you will deal with a great number of sales on a daily basis. Having an efficient point of sales system can be extremely helpful in terms of tracking sales down to the penny and easily identifiable tracking information to evaluate needs and necessary changes on a daily basis.

Hassle-free Processing of Credit

We are now in the age where cash is becoming less and less frequent of a method of payment. Utilizing a point of sales system allows for fast and efficient processing of credit card and debit card payments. Granting your customers a wider range of easy yet secure methods of payment is especially important as the payment methods are constantly changing.

Prevent Order Errors

Handwritten order tickets are a thing of the past. Order accuracy is one of the most important aspects of your customer service operation as a restaurant. One of the easiest ways to make customers unhappy is through order errors. POS systems eliminate the need for handwritten orders, which in turn reduces the amount of confusion and miscommunication between the serving staff and the kitchen.

Improved Efficiency

When choosing to implement a POS system into your restaurant or bar, efficiency will automatically increase. From employees not needing to remember pricing to inputting fewer data than compared to a traditional cash register. A POS system improves the flow of operations in the front and back of the house, which allows employees and management to focus on what is most important, customer service.

Inventory Management

By being able to track your sales on a daily basis with little effort and time needed, you can keep track of your inventory and ultimately allow you to reduce food costs. You will know up-to-date numbers on your inventory in order to change the menu or prices to capture all the revenue. Waste, error, and shrinkage can be huge factors that can limit potential profits so being able to track daily usage patterns can be a huge benefit of using a POS system. Real-time tracking allows for careful ordering of perishable food items, notifying the staff when items are sold out and carefully monitoring shrinkage and potential theft. These are important keys to running a successful restaurant or bar.

Employee Performance

Hiring the best possible employees for your restaurant can be an extremely difficult task. Getting the most from your employees and encouraging performance has never been easier, thanks to Glimpse. Glimpse is a human analytics company geared towards providing employers accurate reports, helpful feedback and measurement standards to promote improved employee performance. By linking up with your POS system, Glimpse provides audited reports from the network video camera systems to help you identify your best employees and use it as a teaching tool for those less accomplished.

The hassle-free implementation of this new surveillance technology makes getting the absolute most you can out of your POS system very simple. Let Glimpse Corp help you reduce costs and capture more revenue that will make your business more successful. If you are interested in learning more about how Glimpse can help your business, visit or call (844) 899-8578 today.