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Common Challenges of Running a Bar

Is your bar’s growth not what it used to be? Are the profits consistent but not ideal? With the competitive nature of the bar industry, the challenges facing those running a bar should be met head-on. Understanding what the common issues are, how to fix them and continue to thrive will be explained.

Below are five challenges that bars managers may face:

1. Does your menu express exactly what you want it to?

Young couple at bar, looking at the menu.

All too often, menus send mixed messages and even turn customers away. Creativity is a great skill, and your team should not hinder it, but be cautious. Coming up with new ideas for cocktails and food just for the sake of adding a new item may be hurting and not helping.

When a potential customer researches your bar, the menu is always a commonly viewed item. What will they see when they look it over? Is it a jumbled mess without a consistent theme or brand? Or will your menu be a carefully crafted collection of items that reflect what you want? Eclectic isn’t always bad, but in the bar business, it is better to be exceptional at each item on a smaller menu than be mediocre with more items.

2. Is your marketing fresh?

Take a look at social media to see what your competition is posting. The inventive and catchy ones stand out amongst the mundane posts that typically come from bars. More often than not, bars advertise in the same style: current drink/food special.  

Marketing tactics for bars and restaurants

To overcome this challenge of standing out and attracting customers, don’t hesitate to create something edgy, educational or funny. A dialogue with potential customers is always better than marketing at them. Engage guests, and the number of patrons walking through your doors will rise.

3. Are your profits being hurt by poor inventory management?

To some, it is common sense. To others, thorough inventory management may be new. When it comes to maximizing the profit of a bar, meticulously tracking inventory is vital. Liquor, as well as food inventory, should regularly be tracked. Gathering this data allows you to discern what items are popular, which ones are shrinking in popularity and how much profit each drink generates.

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4. Is the guest the focus?

First and foremost, the behavior you exhibit as a bar manager or owner will be modeled on your employees. A guest-centered experience that satisfies customers and attracts new ones an aspect that must be maintained continuously. Show that you care about each guest, do not complain in front of employees and set standards for customer experiences via your employees.

Well trained bartender serving two ladies on bar patio on summer vacations and a waiter serving them drinks with the ocean in the background

Hire employees that exhibit the hospitality traits desirable for a phenomenal bar experience. Training a barista is easy but changing their personality is not.

5. Do you lead or are you just a boss?

Being a boss of a bar is not difficult. Setting a schedule and talking to a few guests occasionally takes little effort. Exceptional leaders are more than just bosses. A leader inspires employees, constantly challenges them to be better and earns their trust.

Smiling bar owner and barmaid discussing business ideas

Running a bar business has its challenges. Eliminate more of them by bringing Glimpse on board. Our expert team employs video analysis and data gathering to show you points of vulnerability, employee performance, and potential theft. Free up your time to devote to the challenges above by contacting Glimpse today!

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