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Don’t Think You Need Bar Management Software? Think Again

The keys to owning and running a successful restaurant and bar range from location to the food and everything in between. When you really break it down, missing or failing to focus on one essential element of the business plan can put your restaurant or bar at a severe disadvantage. In an industry that is overwhelmingly competitive due to the seemingly unlimited number of options for diners to choose from, every piece of the operation is extremely important. If you haven’t considered a management software solution, now is the time to.

Here are some of the top reasons how restaurant management software can significantly improve the operation of your establishment.

Workforce Scheduling

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Gone are the days of handwritten schedules, Excel spreadsheets, and paper-based time sheets. Efficiency is key when it comes to running a business and management software can take the headache out of scheduling and a variety of other HR processes. Simplify the process for yourself and your employees.

Restaurant Inventory Management

The margin of success in the restaurant industry is so small, that poorly managed inventory can tank even the most successful of restaurants. In the food and beverage industry, the food and beverages are where the money is made (obvious right?), however many owners and managers take this aspect too lightly. Food waste is an inevitable part of the business, but with the proper and effective inventory process, the waste can be significantly minimized.

Sales Tracking/Credit/Debit Card

Old fashioned cash registers and nightly audits are an archaic system that not only is inaccurate but highly inefficient. Credit cards and debit cards are primary sources of payment in today’s society, and more and more people are switching to digital payment as well. Utilizing payment options that are preferred by your customers is the only way to go. With restaurant management software, it becomes effortless to track sales down to the last penny. Quickness and security is a priority for customers, and this change can give them what they want.

POS/Employee Performance Monitoring

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Finally, restaurant management software can take over a lot of the burden with regards to your POS and employee monitoring. Being an owner or manager requires a large deal of focus on a multitude of tasks and operations. Wouldn’t it be nice to relinquish some of the burdens? When it comes to the hospitality industry, which includes food and beverage, service is everything. Being able to identify the weak or risky areas of your standard operating procedures or employee behavior is crucial for surviving in the bar industry. Glimpse is an outsourced video analytics company that focuses on identifying areas within the operations that can potentially be costing you money. Utilizing your pre-existing POS system and digital imaging software, Glimpse develops audited reports accompanied with time-stamped images that identify the areas of risk. When you decide to incorporate Glimpse’s services into your business plan, the results will be significant. By correcting the high-risk areas, revenue will increase, and costs will be reduced. To learn more about how Glimpse can make and save your bar money, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/data-analysis-and-video-software-florida/.

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