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Employee Monitoring in the Food Service Industry

In the restaurant business, profits are sometimes very small. It does not take much to tip the scales and turn a profitable restaurant into one that is losing money. There are multiple ways profits fall, but this article aims to shed light on the controversial topic of employee monitoring for theft. Opposition to managers and owners tracking employee performance through data feel it’s a violation and infringement of personal space. In the workplace, employees are meant to be monitored, and this new method via technology is no different than a scrutinizing manager.

Every action must be taken if a food service business is to keep their doors open.

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As technology has progressed exponentially in the restaurant world, nearly all business operations are run through a POS system. These advanced systems track all aspects of the restaurant and, if analyzed properly, can shed light on points of vulnerability. Where employee monitoring software comes into play is that all of the data points, from specific drink sales to employee specific performance, are monitored. Every transaction is used to form reports and to send out alerts in instances of severe fraud.

Electronically monitoring employees is an increasingly popular option when restaurants choose to take action and find potential theft.

There’s no better name when it comes to this topic than Glimpse.

We differ from the competition in the implementation of inputted data and video auditing software together. All food and beverage transactions on the businesses’ existing software platform are cross-referenced with those captured through video monitoring to find discrepancies and track employee performance. Reports are provided highlighting areas of risk such as sales not accounted for, over-pouring and even employees themselves.

Managers and owners will be informed of areas they are losing money and the benefits of Glimpse services speak for themselves:

  • Minimum increase in revenue of 10%
  • At risk’ transactions decreased by 10% to 40%
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Simplified inventory and cost control

No disruption to sales occurs because the monitoring is done via video cameras. The simplicity of what Glimpse offers is that managers are not required to undergo training to put this helpful item into effect. Managers and owners are allowed to focus on customers and other areas of business while Glimpse monitors employees and business activity. The video auditing reports highlight top performing employees and provide feedback for those that have areas to improve upon. Customer satisfaction will rise as employees learn they are being monitored and reported on. After all, in the restaurant business, customer satisfaction is the most important facet.

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Electronically monitoring employees has come a long way. Restaurants and bars can now choose companies like Glimpse to benefit their bottom line immensely. Profits rise as theft, both accidental and malicious, are caught, and efficient business practices are put into place. Glimpse has been helping bars and restaurants operate with efficiency and profitability since their very first customer and their expert team is second to none. As monitoring is put into place, the businesses’ performance quickly increases, and revenues reach new levels. Contact Glimpse today to see what our team of professionals can do for your bar or restaurant.

In the competitive food service industry, every opportunity for improvement should be explored.


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