August 2, 2018 glimpse_team

Fastest Growing Restaurant Chains & Bars

The goal of most restaurants is to create food and provide an atmosphere that will not only give satisfaction and enjoyment but a memorable experience to keep the patrons coming back again and again. However, sometimes the goal is to create a concept that takes off like a rocket and soon pops up all over the country. While developing a genius franchise idea may seem like a lot more luck of timing, it does take some crucial execution and hard work to bring it to life. Not every concept has the potential to the franchise but if yours does, learning from existing ones and emerging ones can be a huge benefit.

Here is a look at some of the fastest-growing restaurant chains from around the country:


  • Spanish for “grandfather,” Abuelo’s is a family-oriented (as you probably could’ve guessed from the name) restaurant that serves up authentic Tex-Mex. Consumer Reports has named it the perennial powerhouse when it comes to Mexican food since 2006. With the first location in Lubbock, Texas, Abuelo’s is growing fast.


b Restaurants

  • is their motto and when it comes to premium burgers paired with outstanding brews and bourbon, very few places can touch what b restaurants is doing. Primarily found on the East Coast/New England area, look for b Restaurants to spread to other regions very soon.

Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant

  • Tapas-style meals have recently emerged in the United States and have firmly made a name for itself. At Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant, foodies and wine lover can unite with a menu full of Spanish and Mediterranean tapas that pair with a Spanish-focused collection of nearly 400 wines. What really makes this place such a memorable experience is that each location is unique and develops its identity from the culture of the local surroundings.  

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

  • Aside from its menu that is full of chef-inspired items, what has helped this restaurant gain momentum on the regional scale is its award-winning wines. Cooper’s Hawk wines have won more than 300 local, national and international awards.

coopers hawk winery bar & restaurant

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House

  • For those with a little bigger pocketbook, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group has established a name of quality and taste over the years. Their new addition to the group, Double Eagle Steak House, is no exception.


  • This brand prides itself on sustainable practices, fresh/clean food and doing things the right way. Oh, and don’t forget that they’re the winner over the coveted James Beard Foundation “Blended Burger Project,” which is a movement focused on making burgers better (healthier) by blending them with chopped mushrooms. Sustainable, healthier and just as incredibly delicious, Bareburger is a proud supporter of the movement.

Flying Biscuit Café

  • Who doesn’t love southern cooking and breakfast? Combine them and you have an insanely popular restaurant concept. When Flying Biscuit opened its door of the first store in 1993, the biscuits were sold out in 4 hours. With more than 13 locations under its belt, Flying Biscuit shows no signs of slowing down after 25 years.

Matchbox American Kitchen + Spirit

  • Authentic brick oven pizzas are nothing new, considering that’s how the first pizzas of Naples were made but matchbox does it differently. Can’t really say what it is that makes this place a must try. Maybe it’s the exceptional topping combinations of quality ingredients? Or the rustic, industrial setting? Or the prolific bar scene they offer with an abundance of choices from local brews, signature wine blends and craft cocktails? I think it’s a wonderful combination of it all.

Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern

  • While it considers itself a casual-dining experience, Rusty Bucket embodies the tavern feel while showcasing a made-from-scratch menu at each location that is prepared by its own executive chef. That doesn’t sound so casual and nonchalant to me. What makes this place a true tavern is an outstanding selection of craft cocktails, signature spirits and local beers.

While these are just a handful of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the country, there are many more that continue to gain popularity and financial backing to expand into new markets all the time. Whatever your goal is, there is always something to learn and improve on because no restaurant does everything perfectly (well, besides those Michelin rated ones?). One thing that all successful restaurants have in common is their ability to provide consistent service. By having a system in place that allows you to monitor the procedures and events that take place in your restaurant or bar is crucial for success. At Glimpse, we provide food and beverage establishments with the means to monitor their SOPs and customer service through the use of digital images that correspond to POS transactions. To learn more about how Glimpse can help increase your restaurant’s success, visit to schedule a free demo.