July 28, 2017 glimpse_team

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Today

Customers are the lifeblood of any business because without them the need to provide goods or services no longer exists. This applies especially to the hospitality industry services. The food and beverage industry is extremely competitive due to the overwhelming number of choices that customers are faced with. Being able to identify customer satisfaction (positive and negative) is essential for surviving in the industry because it allows management to measure loyalty, adapt or change business practices to satisfy unhappy customers and ultimately, increase revenue. Not only does customer satisfaction help keep loyal guests coming back but also increases the chance of positive word of mouth spreading about their experience, which drives in new customers. Keep in mind that a bad experience is significantly more likely to be publically vocalized than a good one.

These are a few main components to a customer’s dining experience that can make or break their visit.

Inaccurate Orders/Checks– inaccurate orders and checks tell the customer that what they said wasn’t important enough to get it right. Making sure that the proper dissemination of information is happening between the front and back of house. Your order taking and completion system should be straightforward to avoid any issues. Your customers’ orders matter.

Slow/Inconsistent Service– waiting for an extended period of time to be seated or to have a drink refilled, late food items or taking forever to take an order of a table are all aspects that can easily be avoided. By implementing proper training procedures and effective monitoring, your staff should never struggle with poor service quality for your guests.

Inconsistent Quality– keeping loyal patrons can be ruined by something as simple as ruining a menu item. Repeat customers may have their favorite meal or cocktail that they come back again and again for and all it takes is one time for it to be less than they expect. Making sure that your menu items maintain a high level of consistency is key.

Glimpse can help make sure that your staffs’ level of service is up to the level of what is expected or beyond. Glimpse provides bars and restaurants that are looking for that next advantage with proprietary performance insight software that is used to identify areas of high risk such as unaccounted sales, standard operating procedures, and poor customer service. In such a competitive industry, increasing revenue and minimizing costs is crucial to success. To learn more about how Glimpse can enhance or even save your bar or restaurant, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/data-analysis-and-video-software-florida/ and schedule your free demo today.

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