December 21, 2016 glimpse_team

Optimizing Restaurant Employee Performance

Hiring the best possible employees for your restaurant can be a difficult task but motivating your employees to perform their best has never been easier. Enhancing the performance of your restaurant is a crucial aspect of running the business in order to keep up with the competition that seems to be emerging on a daily basis. Taking the necessary steps to improve your restaurant employee performance can dramatically increase the revenues and reduce costs when it comes to food and beverage sales.

Glimpse – Video Analysis Company

Glimpse is a human video analytics company geared towards establishments that offer the sales of food and beverages. By utilizing network video-camera systems video analysis, Glimpse provides employers extremely helpful feedback and measurement standards to promote improved employee performance in order to reduce costs and increase revenue. Bringing in performance competition to the workplace is vitally important to keep standards high and ensure that everyone is giving the best effort that they can. In the hospitality industry, taking care of the customers with excellent service when it comes to food and beverage is imperative.

How We Perform Employee Evaluation

Glimpse provides the information and tools so that you can compare employees against each other in terms of performance and do so in a positive manner. Glimpse provides audit results from the video analysis that allows you as an employer to recognize your best employees. Also, the results of the audit reports will provide an exceptional learning tool help those that are less accomplished when it comes to their performance.

No business is perfect when it comes to maximizing revenues and reducing costs, there is always room for improvement. So let Glimpse help you to improve your employee’s performance and let you focus on customer service. Glimpse will analyze and focus on areas to control costs and capture all the revenue possible. If you are interested in learning more about how Glimpse can help your business, contact us or call (844)754-4454 today.