December 12, 2017 glimpse_team

Common Types of Seasonal Restaurant Employees

The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone. So much planning, so many things to do and there is never enough time. Even businesses start feeling the pressures of the holiday season well before they start. Restaurant managers and owners face numerous challenges, but perhaps the biggest one is seasonal hiring to make it through the holidays. This can be a tricky process because the holiday season candidate pool may be filled with interesting people and managers want to ensure they are still hiring the best for the job.

Here are a few types of employee personality types that may be looking for work this holiday season:

College Breaker

Most colleges give long holiday breaks, often approaching two months in length, which makes college students one of the perfect types of holiday workers. They will be eager to pick up any and all shifts in hopes to save up money to last them through the spring semester.

The Professional Holiday Shifter

This candidate makes their living bouncing from place to place, following the seasonal work schedule and living a glamorous gypsy lifestyle. Most likely, this type of candidate will have extensive prior experience and will require little training. They will know how to make money, how to cater to your holiday guests and how to work hard. Don’t become too attached though because as soon as the holiday songs stop, they may be hitting the road for another stop along their journey.

The First Timer

Everyone has the time in their life where they seek out that first job. Most often they will be a high school student looking for a few shifts here and there to pay for gas money. Eager to work hard and willing to pick up the shifts to give your full-time employees days off to keep them happy, the first timer will require some training, but they will be an investment that will surely pay off. They will be local and around for the holiday seasons to come and may even return as a college breaker.

The holiday season proves to be a time of added risk for restaurants when it comes to restaurant staff hiring. Glimpse can help keep an eye on your restaurant during the busy hours of the holidays to ensure that you are still maximizing revenue and eliminating unnecessary costs. Glimpse provides digital video audits to make sure that standard operating procedures are followed, customer service is meeting expectations and POS transactions are accurate. To learn more about how Glimpse can help relieve some of the holiday pressure, visit to schedule your free trial.

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