October 4, 2017 glimpse_team

Service Monitoring is Key for Your Restaurant or Bar

One of the most overlooked aspects of the restaurant and bar industry is how important customer service is for creating a unique culture for your establishment. Service is critical when it comes to the satisfaction of your guests. Mistakes in the kitchen happen, and guests will come back even if the food is just OK but if you provide your guests with less than adequate service and they won’t be back. The standards that you expect from your employees should be trained and maintained on a regular basis. However, it sometimes can be challenging to ensure that every employee is practicing the service procedures that should be met.

Here are some basic guidelines to help improve your restaurant’s culture through the service you provide.

From the Start

  • As soon as your customer walks through your door, they begin forming an impression of your restaurant/bar.
  • Don’t make them wait to be recognized or acknowledged.


  • The speed of service is perhaps the most important. The first round of drinks and appetizers should be a priority.
  • Be attentive. Anticipate the needs of the customer and be present but not overbearing.
  • Fix problems immediately.


One of the best ways to help make sure that your service standards are being met is through the use of restaurant software that helps make employee monitoring in the workplace easier. Glimpse is an outsourced data analyst that captures and audits standard service operating procedures, sales, processes and customer service interactions through the use of video cameras. The audited reports show exactly where the highest risks of lost revenue come from and these high-risk sales are identified by time-stamped images.

Glimpse’s services immediately boost productivity because they do not require training or maintenance to be used. Seamless integration into your POS bar system allows the operation of your business to never slow down. Glimpse’s plans allow for random audits or client scheduled audits throughout each week and because it is all done through video footage, employees will never know when an audit is taking place.

When you choose Glimpse, you will see an immediate decline in sales at risk, improved bottom-line results and an ROI greater than five times. In the bar and restaurant world, there is often a fine line between success and failure so let Glimpse help you capture all revenue and help reduce costs. To schedule a demo or learn more about the services that Glimpse provides, visit https://www.glimpsecorp.com/contact/.

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