May 16, 2017 glimpse_team

Building Teams Responsive to Performance Metrics

“Another way to fire us” is what I heard from one employee, while another proclaimed “They just like to make it hard for me to work.” It’s not always easy getting a team to move forward together, especially when discussing a new method to track productivity and SOP adherence in a restaurant, bar, or hotel. While overcoming the groans (you know who you are), I explained to team members that in the past we missed things; that while we are looking at new metrics for measuring performance, this is also because we sometimes just don’t know what we are doing wrong. Wondering how Glimpse Corp’s hospitality industry services can help with performance? Read along

Performance Metrics Rules and Tips

One of the best methods is to bring the team along with you while studying performance metrics and follow a few simple rules.

  • Make it fun for employees – Create a challenge to see who follows SOP best and include yourself in it. It is best when every member of the team participates and also learns in the process. Do small weekly bonuses for best SOP adherence of the week or other small gestures that let people see they are being rewarded.
  • Don’t single anyone out – Make sure that for those that are struggling, you check in with them and find a way to bring them with you. Do they need additional training? Offer it quickly and happily. Making the same mistakes? Check to make sure they understand the SOP in question and, if not, walk them through the right method.
  • Be realistic – Sometimes SOP adherence is so poor that a 20% increase is a big win. Take some time early on to understand where you are beginning, rather than focusing on where you should be. When you understand the benchmark, set realistic goals, long term if necessary, and begin working with the team on showing improvement. As the manager, you set the tone for the operation and are allowed to make mistakes. As the employee, you determine your worth with the effort you put into it. It will always be your job to ring orders up within X minutes, but don’t beat yourself up if you mess up one time.

Performance Metrics and Goals

While not everyone will understand the metrics and reasons for it at first, taking the right steps can get buy-in at a critical moment that can yield success for the team later on. Remember to think and act positively towards others because, at the end of the day, you are all working towards the same goals. No, it’s not about how quickly they can fold the napkins to prepare for a dinner service, but rather how they help the team reach its overall goal.

Need help? This is not new to Glimpse, and we are happy to help you learn the performance insights that are sometimes out of sight. Our product works by simply being present during your busy shifts and your slow shifts, helping you better understand changes that can be made to ensure SOP adherence is capturing all of your potential revenue. Why do we do this? Because the industry as a whole loses hundreds of millions a year in ‘at risk’ transactions and, on average, Glimpse can help a business with an average annual revenue of $1.5 million recoup or save over $40,000/year with our services. Don’t believe us? Just give us a call.