January 19, 2018 glimpse_team

How to Handle Rude Customers at the Bar

In the bar industry, word of mouth and reviews are everything. As a bar owner or manager, the success of the business relies on each customer’s experience and what they tell other people. Patrons come in all shapes and sizes. Just as there are great customers, there can be difficult ones as well. Wondering why are customers so rude is very common amongst bartenders and learning how to deal with rude customers will benefit your staff and the bar as a whole.

The following tips highlight some possible scenarios and what other bartenders do to alleviate the problem.

  • If a customer constantly interrupts, keep your answers short and to the point.
  • Condescending patrons should be met without fear and increased eye contact. Trust your skills.
  • Politeness goes a long way but a stern “no” can still be polite.
  • Patience is key. Impatient customers are common but don’t rush your drinks to satisfy one of the numerous customers at your bar.
  • Try to not take anything personally.
  • A genuine smile can make a seemingly unhappy customer into a loyal patron.
  • Improvisation is important, especially when dealing with overly-drunk individuals. Cut someone off when you deem it necessary and more often than not, their friends will back you up.
  • Attend to the needy guests but not to the point where other guests’ experience is affected. All customers are equal.

Although there are constantly new situations and customers are ever-changing, service should never fluctuate. Train your employees in scenarios they will likely encounter and the benefits will shine through.

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Image of a busy Miami Bar.

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