August 23, 2017 glimpse_team

Monitor Your Sales and Watch Your Profits Grow

Failure to monitor employees, for both accidental and purposeful missteps in business operations, can result in lower revenue and higher expenses.

Business owners in the food and beverage industry are at risk for human error and intentional avoidance of operating procedures. Take advantage of existing video surveillance and POS systems to optimize your daily operations. Video monitoring services provided by Glimpse, cross-referenced with the POS transactions, will reduce costs to ensure business growth free from errors.

Sales at risk will fall by 10-40% within the first month of service and ROI will grow fivefold or more.

Customer paying for their order with a credit card in a cafe. Bartender holding a credit card reader machine and returning the debit card to female customer after payments.

  1. Increase Revenue and Prevent Loss

Video analysis and subsequent reports minimize potential lost revenue and highlight risk factors. Without disruption to operations, the reports focus on areas of potential risk to prevent significant losses. The risks generated are broken down by category and time to simplify the process for improvement further.

  1. Reduce Management Hassle

This software does not require training or maintenance, which means your managers can focus on their duties without the added burden of video monitoring. Glimpse takes the hassle out of monitoring by providing off-site analysis.

  1. Recognize Your Best Employees

Our bar consultants will provide reports that highlight your best employees, ones who bring in customers and minimize costs, and also give training tools to employees with areas in need of improvement.

  1. Constant Improvement Platform

The random scheduling of the analysis teaches employees that cameras are there to determine their performance, ensuring they operate at the highest level at all times.

  1. Business Processes

Tailor-made service, taking into account your particular atmosphere, audience and business motto, provides new levels of ease in operation and improves customer experience. Focusing on areas that mean the most to your business, Glimpse provides performance insights and suggestions on how to minimize human error and improve the bottom line.

Monitoring your business takes time and resources that are otherwise occupied in the restaurant and bar business. The fast-paced and demanding industry requires efficiency that can diminish over time if not monitored. Employees, whether intentional or not, can hurt a business with their daily practices. Let the consulting services of Glimpse provide the video analysis and auditing you need to help your business grow, void of setbacks that come from human error and performance insights. Bars and restaurants often require help that a service like Glimpse specializes in. With various packages and prices, their help can be personalized in order to maximize benefits with ease.