December 22, 2016 glimpse_team

Taking the “Human Error” out of the Hospitality Industry

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are a common occurrence in the workplace. But mistakes can be costing your business in lost revenue and unnecessary costs. These mistakes often go unnoticed, and businesses struggle to find ways to become more successful. As long as you have employees that work at your business, you will have a human error to some degree. One of the keys to being successful in business is to identify and remove as much of the human error as possible.

Human Error in the Workplace

Before the digital age, catching a human error in the workplace was an archaic practice. Forgetful or poor employee performance errors can be difficult or even impossible to catch and can be costing you loss of revenue. Food fraud is extremely difficult to catch, and manual entry systems can be easy to maneuver around for employees looking to cheat the system. Even when analyzing reports and data, trying to find exactly where the problems come from may not be possible. Whether orders are not entered into the POS system either on purpose or by accident, employee performance can be a significant loss of revenue.

New Video Analytics Technology

New technology in the hospitality industry has emerged to help monitor, identify and report human errors within your business. By utilizing network video-camera systems footage, companies now offer services to track and analyze businesses standard service operating procedures to identify high-risk areas that may be resulting in loss of revenue. Glimpse is a human video analytics company that is geared towards helping businesses increase revenue and reduce costs from food and beverage sales. By monitoring the workflow of a business, Glimpse removes the hassle from the management’s workload and allows them to focus more on the operations of the business.

How Glimpse Can Help Your Business

  • By analyzing audited video images that are time-stamped to match with POS, Glimpse can identify where your business’s highest risk of lost revenue is.
  • There is no training or maintenance required because Glimpse is an outsourced image analyst that analyzes and provides audits of standard service operating procedures.
  • Outsourcing the video monitoring to Glimpse, there is no disruption to your business and management is free to focus on operations.
  • Besides identifying high-risk areas of revenue loss, Glimpse also provides an excellent platform to identify your best employees through human error tracking. And it provides a unique learning tool to help those employees that are less accomplished.
  • Each report is backed up with time-stamped audited images to reconcile with the POS reports to identify and provide evidence for human error.
  • Random auditing and analysis of your business creates a self-healing platform because employees will not know when they are being watched and must perform all the time.

Glimpse has revolutionized human error identification and is improving the revenue management for the hospitality industry. In the food and beverage industry, whether you’re a bar, restaurant or high-end hotel, it is especially important to capture all revenue and reduce costs as much as possible. By eliminating as much human error as you can, you are setting your business up to automatically be more successful. By taking action on the reports provided by Glimpse, you can change your operating procedures and employee management to fix the identified problem areas.

To learn more about how Glimpse can help make your business more successful, contact them today at to speak with a sales and support representative.