December 6, 2017 glimpse_team

Everyday Bar Employee Misconduct and Instilling Positive Practices

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play” is a saying most individuals can refer to. When the manager is 86, either on vacation or just away from the bar or restaurant, some of your trusted employees act like kids at a toy store.

Typical Restaurant Employee Problems:

Quietly stepping out early or coming in late for a shift, killing time by chit-chatting with their coworkers about last night’s happening at the dance club, texting their boy/girlfriend, mom, grandma, neighbor, their dog Sparky or God himself – does that ring a bell? Heck, they may even enjoy a nice glass of wine with their family meal, a benefit the company is generously providing for their trusted employees. At their worst, employees “take care” of their friends or significant other, all under the company’s expense, even organize their own happy hour amongst their colleagues while on the clock and being intoxicated with the guest. Or maybe, they are short on the rent or car payment and they need some extra bucks, so they ‘forget’ the SOP for sales and do not ring up a drink or two.

This one is on me! Waiter gives free drinks.

You know they are doing it — but why? Because they can.

When a workplace is not compelling and employees have no interest or desire to be responsible, not even for their own success (much less be responsible for the success of your restaurant or bar) it creates an opportunity for ethical behavior to go MIA. Not only will your current employees fail to follow the common standard operating procedures of your restaurant and bar, but your new hires will adopt the same bad habits (double the trouble).

Now that we have identified the obvious behavioral issues, you may be asking yourself how to correct these? It almost seems impossible to correct, if EVERY single restaurant experiences the same, and no one seems to have found a solution.

Employees must be trusted whether a manager is there or not, and they must be confined to follow the SOP’s in order to build a solid core for the restaurant and bar culture. But how?

Glimpse was built on the foundation of decades of hospitality knowledge with every single one of our members having worked in a restaurant or bar. We understand the background and work with restaurant and bar owners on reducing the risk of unaccounted sales, theft and employee misbehavior with unique camera identification technology. Give us a call today and let us take your business to the next level.