December 22, 2017 glimpse_team

How to Interview a Bartender

So, your bar is busier than ever, and you need another bartender? Or maybe you are just replacing one. Either way, interviewing a potential employee for the bartender position is important. You want to bring someone on that is hard-working, responsible and honest.

These questions for your next bartender interview will help to find the best employee possible.  

1. How would you cut someone off?

This is a very important question because after all, you are serving alcohol and it can be dangerous. A bartender should be able to monitor situations and find the means to responsibly stop someone from consuming more. There are various ways for a successful bartender to approach this common situation and being adaptable is key.

2. What would you do if you caught a fellow employee stealing?

It happens all too often in the bar world. Bartenders can steal in numerous ways which is difficult to catch. Asking this question lets the employee know the zero-tolerance you place on thievery and will also provide insight into their character.

For this issue, bar management software and bar management training from Glimpse ( will provide a watchful eye on operations and spot points of vulnerability.

3. How would you respond when a customer complains about a weak drink?

You want a bartender who would politely keep your bar’s customer service reputation high, even when a frustrating situation like this arises. A bad choice would be to cause a scene of over pour the following drink.

4. What is the best way to make a Sex on the Beach?

Trick question. There are so many recipes, and the drink has been around for so long that no one really knows the recipe. Rather, pay attention to how they would make it, if it would be too weak or poor tasting, and these will provide clues as to the kind of bartender they would be. If they recite a drink that you would like to serve (or maybe something even better), then they have given a good answer.

Whoever you end up hiring, being present behind the bar to provide support, training (if necessary) and leadership will serve to benefit everyone and the bar. Contact Glimpse today to add another behind-the-scenes support system to your operation, and the benefits will show immediately.

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