February 12, 2018 glimpse_team

Properly Discipline Bar Employees

The negative effects that poor employee performance or demeanor have on a bar’s success cannot be overstated. In the customer service driven world of a bar, ensuring each and every customer is met with a skilled and positive employee is crucial.

Bar managers and owners often wonder how to discipline employees and correct performance problems

One of the goals of a restaurant manager should be to create a system that disciplines the employees deserving of it and reward those who have earned it. Typical mistakes that some managers make include being too authoritative, criticizing excessively, showing no empathy and failing to provide recognition.

The following five steps will help to avoid these pitfalls and boost employee performance as a result:

  1. Provide a Supportive Atmosphere: Do not simply focus on a specific item that an employee needs to improve upon. Instead, provide reassurance of their successes and suggest ways to improve upon their weaknesses.
  2. Target the Problem: Vagueness should be avoided at all costs. Let the employee know exactly what the issue is.
  3. Hear Their Side of It: Controlling the entire process can have harmful repercussions. Allow the employee to share their perspective and why the issue has been occurring.
  4. Hear Their Suggestions: Collaborate with the employee to come up with a plan to improve their actions.
  5. Follow-Up: A one-time meeting doesn’t always do the trick, so it may be beneficial to schedule another meeting, or more, to assess their progress and make sure they are working towards the new goal(s).

Good managers discipline employees who do poor work. Good managers also reward those that deserve it. However, great managers choose to add the video monitoring of Glimpse. Using video cameras to validate existing electronic system transactions, they provide insightful reports to improve your business. Contact Glimpse today to take your employee monitoring and discipline to a new level. 


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